Discover the New Features in Knowband’s Prestashop Etsy API Integrator v3.0.4

Knowband’s Prestashop Etsy API Integrator has long been a powerful tool for online retailers looking to expand their reach to Etsy’s vibrant marketplace. The latest update, version 3.0.4, brings a host of new features and improvements designed to streamline the integration process and enhance user experience. Here’s a closer look at what’s new in this version.

What’s New in Knowband’s Prestashop Etsy Marketplace Connector v3.0.4

Profile Level Synchronization

One of the standout features in v3.0.4 is the introduction of Profile Level Synchronization. The new profile-level synchronization feature in Prestashop Etsy Integration Extension v3.0.4 allows you to manage and list products on Etsy based on individual profiles. This means you can choose which products to sync and list from each profile, giving you more control and flexibility. It’s perfect for handling different product categories or pricing strategies.

Custom Product Descriptions and Titles

In Prestashop Etsy API Integrator version 3.0.4, you can customize product descriptions and titles specifically for Etsy. This means you can write different titles and descriptions for your products on Etsy than you do on your Prestashop store. Therefore, this helps your products stand out on Etsy, match search terms better, and attract more buyers.

Improved User Interface and Experience

In addition to functional enhancements, Prestashop Etsy Connector v3.0.4 brings significant improvements to the user interface and overall user experience. Moreover, the Prestashop Etsy Integration Module’s dashboard has been redesigned to be more intuitive and user-friendly, making it easier for sellers to navigate and manage their integrations.

We’ve made the user interface more intuitive and easier to use in this version. These improvements help you find and use features quickly, making store management more efficient and user-friendly.

Knowband’s Etsy Prestashop Integration module

Knowband’s Etsy Prestashop Integration Module

Knowband’s Prestashop Etsy Marketplace Integration module helps Prestashop store owners seamlessly connect their stores with Etsy to expand their reach and increase sales.


Additional Enhancements

Beyond these major features, the update includes several other improvements and bug fixes that enhance the overall functionality and stability of the Etsy Prestashop Integration Addon. Performance optimizations ensure faster synchronization times and enhanced error handling provides more informative feedback, helping sellers quickly identify and resolve issues.

Moreover, the update includes better support for variations and attributes, ensuring that complex product listings with multiple options are accurately reflected on Etsy. Therefore, this comprehensive approach to product synchronization ensures that sellers can provide a seamless and consistent shopping experience across all platforms.


Knowband’s Prestashop Etsy API Integrator v3.0.4 is a significant upgrade that offers powerful new tools and enhancements for online retailers. The introduction of Profile Level Synchronization, custom product descriptions and titles, and an improved user interface all contribute to a more efficient and effective integration process. These features not only simplify the management of multi-channel listings but also help sellers optimize their presence on Etsy, driving greater visibility and sales.

Further, with these enhancements, Knowband continues to demonstrate its commitment to providing robust and user-friendly solutions that empower online retailers to thrive in the competitive e-commerce landscape. Whether you’re a seasoned seller or just starting out, the latest version of the Prestashop Etsy API Integrator is designed to help you succeed.

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