5 Best Ways to Increase eCommerce Sale on the Multi-Vendor Marketplace

Do you own a marketplace that entirely caters to the customer requirements but dwindling in customer engagement? Finding new leads for your eCommerce marketplace sale to buy products and services is an important part of the whole process.

People generally don’t buy the products but they buy the output it will give. If your multi-vendor marketplace is niche driven then it is important to analyze your target audience and study their shopping behaviour to increase your marketplace sale.

Many such platforms have quality products and even the concept is attractive but they fail to increase eCommerce sales that are a result of poor marketing strategies. The success of a marketplace depends upon both admin-seller marketing policies and customer satisfaction.

You need to have a cunning strategy in order to elude the bounce rate and attract prospective leads. I am going to discuss 5 pro tips that can change the entire sale scenario if implemented in your existing marketplace.

1.  Sell by showing benefits

You are still simply explaining a product feature when you “offer a benefit,” but you can tie it to a way that improves the situation of the consumer. Showing the features isn’t that impactful as compared to benefits. Start promoting your marketplace products by highlighting their benefits and this will increase your marketplace sale.

As every customer has a problem and you as a seller providing a solution to it.Try showcasing the benefits by translating the factual feature statements. You should be willing, both verbally and in print, to effectively express your competitive advantage to your targeted marketplace audience.

You have to show service in today’s marketplace that’s above and beyond. With your results, you must set new expectations and demonstrate that the price involves more than numbers on an invoice.

2. Use social media as a marketing platform

social media in Multi-vendor Marketplace

It increases brand awareness and discover ability as half of the world population is using one or the other social media platforms. Social media marketing plays a pivotal role in a business to become a success.

To increase sales, you need to have a larger customer base and social media networks are the best platform where you can find potential leads that can convert. A marketplace blog, a promotional page, or you can even start campaigns and run advertisements over social media to reach your target audience.

3. Make your store Gadget friendly

Now you have an eCommerce marketplace and you know where to promote it to find your customers. The third step is to optimize your store for mobile and other gadgets like tablets and laptops. You can use a ready made mobile app builder for the PrestaShop eCommerce marketplace to convert your website into a mobile-friendly application.

A marketplace module can be used to manage your entire website’s functionality that is easy to configure and can be used by the sellers effortlessly. You can offer the best customer support on your PrestaShop store to enhance customer satisfaction.

PrestaShop Multi-vendor Marketplace addon is the module developed by Knowband for the marketplace that can help you convert your eCommerce single seller website into a multi-seller marketplace platform.

4.Display Product and seller reviews

Product reviews are a vital part of the identity and promotion of an online store. They help create trust and loyalty and generally define what distinguishes your products from others. Reviews help increase sales in your marketplace, and you should persuade customers to leave more of them.

Maintaining your credibility in the multi-seller marketplace is a very important task for the eCommerce sellers. Product reviews are a great way to communicate directly with the customer and appreciate the details of their product from the customer’s eyes and improve wherever possible. This leads to a better customer experience that will eventually benefit the marketplace in the future.

PrestaShop Multi-vendor Marketplace addon allows customers to leave product and seller reviews that can be analyzed by the admin to maintain the quality of the products and sellers on the marketplace platform.

5. Leverage personalization

Use advertisements to target individuals who have bought from your marketplace or follow your page, in addition to promoting common items. In this competitive world, giving your customer a customized experience might be the right plan to succeed in a long race.

Such customers have shown an interest in your company already, so they are likely to buy from you again.

One way to do this is to build a lookalike or interest-oriented audience to target marketplace advertising. It is crucial to keep the conversation still going to ensure that leads do not go cold over time.

The PrestaShop Marketplace Plugin also lets you see what different types of products sell well on the marketplace platform as you connect with these customers; you can use this knowledge to build new deals or products of your own.


Without a whole lot of time or money spent on your end, you can find new clients, try out new products, and establish relationships with your customers.All of these tactics will help open up a new business pipeline that leads individuals directly to your doorstep.

The selling should be simple by that point. Customers can’t decline, particularly when you have an offer. If you are planning to start a marketplace then Knowband’s Marketplace plugin for PrestaShop is a must-have. Our team is always available to assist you in your new venture.

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