List of Modules Compatible with PrestaShop Marketplace Addon

PrestaShop Multi-Vendor Marketplace Addon allows you to transform your store into a full-fledged marketplace. Easily add vendors, track their sales, process payments, set your commissions, and much more to do. It allows your customers to sell their products on your shop and in return, you can charge a commission fee on each order.

Sellers can easily create their seller account where they can list products, edit or delete existing products, track their orders, and withdraw payments. Using this add-on store admin has full control over the marketplace. But there are some other modules also which helps you to customize your PrestaShop Multi-vendor marketplace addon. Using these modules you can make your marketplace more advanced. So we are coming up with a list of other modules compatible with the Prestashop multi-vendor marketplace.

Compatible Modules:

1. Marketplace CSV import/export addon

csv import/export

CSV import/export addon enables the feature of PrestaShop Marketplace vendors to add their products using CSV. Vendors can also list various combinations for products via CSV. If any modifications are required they can export the products by choosing a category or their status and after them, import them again.

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2. Marketplace Low Stock Alert

marketplace low stock alert

Sometimes sellers are not aware that their product stock is decreasing. So, the addon is generally for the sellers to let them know that their product stock is decreasing. In this addon, the seller can set a specific quantity of the products and if the product quantity goes below to that then the seller will get an alert email regarding the decreasing stock of the product.

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3. Product Availability Check By Zip Code

product availability by zip code

After finding the desired product, the customer’s next step is to check whether the item is present in their area or not.

By using this PrestaShop Availability Check by Zipcode Addon, customers can check the product availability by entering its zip-code. This PrestaShop zip code addon will make the work easy for the customers as they will get the functionality to check the product availability right on the product page.

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4. Review Reminder and Incentive

review reminder and incentive

To build trust among online shoppers reviews plays a vital role. The eCommerce store admins can now give compelling reasons to its customers to provide their reviews and rating. 

With the help of the PrestaShop Review Reminder and Incentive addon, the vendors can ask their customers for reviews and ratings on their recent deals and purchases by sending email reminders to them. The customer gets profitable discounts in return for the feedback. Thus, it creates a win-win situation for both the customers as well as the vendors. 

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5. Marketplace Deal Manager

marketplace deal manager

As we all know, discounts affect the overall sales of any product in an online e-commerce store. And every seller on multi-vendor marketplace needs that, they will offer discounts on their products so that sales increase.

So, this add-on will provide an interface and feature to the vendors from where each vendor can give some offers and discounts on his products on PrestaShop Marketplace.

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6. Marketplace Seller Invoice

marketplace seller invoice

This PrestaShop module is used to let the sellers generate their invoices. Sellers can list their shop name and logo on the invoice generated by them and can modify the invoice prefix as well which is appended in the invoice number.

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7. Booking and Rental System

booking and rental system

PrestaShop Booking and Rental System module help the sellers to add an online booking system on their PrestaShop website. Yes, PrestaShop Booking System is one of the best addons to built a dynamic booking system for your online store giving an option to set your pricing, manage a calendar, appointment orders very effectively from the back-end. 

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8. Marketplace Customer-Seller Ticket Addon

customer seller ticket addon

Sometimes, the customer has a query regarding the product or the seller before purchasing the same and wants to resolve his query by doing a conversation with the seller as well as keep the records of all previous conversations with the seller in one place.

So, keeping this in mind, this addon will offer features to customers through which customers can ask queries to sellers and sellers can reply to customer queries.

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9. Marketplace Sellers Vacation Mode

marketplace seller vacation mode

This module is built for the vendors to allow them to inform their customers that are not available to sell for a specific period. In this addon, the vendor can adjust a particular time interval during which he will not available on the multi-vendor marketplace. 

An alert is sent to the customers when a seller goes on vacation mode and a similar notification is sent once the vendor is back from vacation. 

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10. Mobile App Builder

mobile app builder

With the help of the PrestaShop Mobile App Builder, users can transform their online stores into a mobile app. It transforms your entire website into a fully-featured Mobile App & allows you to sell products on the mobile app along with the traditional website. The feature & working of the app is similar to the website & work flawlessly on both Android & iPhone devices.

Our PrestaShop Mobile App Builder is the pre-configured framework designed and developed by our experts to create a pair of native eCommerce apps. The apps are fully capable of taking all your store products to the user’s fingertips & boost sales &revenue. So, if you are a PrestaShop store owner & looking for a full-fledged mobile app, this is the best module for you.

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11. Order Return Manager

order return manager

Handling customer’s return requests is not an easy task. The Return Manager system plays an important role in an eCommerce store to help customers with their returns and provide them with a quick solution. The PrestaShop Return Manager Addon allows you to easily manage the return requests on your website. The PrestaShop return manager addon gives customers several return choices such as Refund, Replacement, and Store Credits. 

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12. Marketplace Seller Badge

marketplace seller badge

Using this module the marketplace store admin can create various seller badges for the sellers. Sellers can obtain these badges by sellers bypassing certain parameters. Customers can see the seller badges once they visit the seller profile page or product page of a specific seller. 

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This is the list of compatible modules of the Prestashop Multi-Vendor Marketplace module which helps to customize it to a more advanced level. If you want to transform your Prestashop Store into Multi-Vendor Marketplace then you must try these modules with Prestashop Marketplace to make it more customized and functional.

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