Offer More Services to Sellers on PrestaShop Marketplace Store

Attracting sellers on a marketplace is an onerous task that requires convincing features that are advantageous for the vendors. The PrestaShop Marketplace module is an effective extension for converting your eCommerce store into a marketplace.

For more seller registration you can offer some other operative features that can satisfy their needs. In this article, I will be focusing on the functionalities you can add to your PrestaShop store for giving your sellers some extra convenience during the whole process.

Every marketplace starts blank. The key differentiator of those that draw thousands of tourists every day is the opportunity to get e-commerce from several vendors.

Here are some modules that add super cool features to your PrestaShop Marketplace and can be integrated easily.

1.  Allow bulk upload with this extension

If you have a large number of items to upload to your PrestaShop store, it is far from realistic to manually enter the items and their descriptions.

You can upload all the goods and product types (simple, variable, grouped, and external) in bulk with incredible ease using the Product Import Export plugin for PrestaShop.

After successful import, sellers can display the items on the product page of your PrestaShop store after the import is successful. Use the Product Import Export Plugin for PrestaShop Marketplace to quickly upload items to your PrestaShop store.

2.  Let them go on a vacation with vacation mode on

Sellers often get worried about losing their membership plan when they pause their accounts. With PrestaShop Sellers Vacation Mode Addon, the sellers can go on vacation mode and take a break.

All the seller’s goods will be disabled from the marketplace during the holiday time. This helps to avoid delays in shipping and increases the customer experience.

KnowBand’s PrestaShop Marketplace Sellers Vacation Mode Addon is compatible with the Marketplace module.

This add-on allows sellers to set their store’s vacation message while they are on vacation.

3.  Give stock alert for better management

Out of stock is an issue that has been faced at least once by every seller.

The stock alert for marketplace management is important to raise sales revenue and it helps enhance the customer experience.

Web push notifications are a modern and highly efficient tool that allows you to alert your sellers when the products are going out of stock or in limited quantities.

This lets the seller know about the product customers are interested in. As a result, you can raise revenue and boost your website’s sales potential by mitigating out of stock losses.

This module is for sellers to let them know about the decreasing inventory of their goods. The seller can set a minimum quantity of the products in this module and if any of its products are below this mark, then the seller will receive a warning mail about the product’s reduction.

4.  Reward sellers with performance badges

Seller badges are shown to customers whenever they visit a specific seller’s seller’s profile page or the product page. For its sellers, Admin may generate Seller Badges such as Best Seller, Best Customer Service, Best New Seller, etc. You may set parameters to obtain one from the admin’s back-end screen.

This addon is the Prestashop Marketplace Addon extension. The Marketplace administrator will produce seller badges based on the different criteria that a seller can meet in order to receive one.

So, keeping this in mind, this ad-don will provide customers with functionality from which customers can see a seller badge and interpret the marketplace form of seller.

5.  Sellers can manage the deals and offers

As we know, discounts create an effect on every business, especially for an e-commerce store. And every marketplace vendor wants to have more sales to increase their revenue. They offer discounts and deals on their productsto achieve their target.

This module will provide sellers with an interface and features from which each seller can offer some offers and deals on its Prestashop Marketplace products.

The Prestashop Marketplace Deal Manager Addon is compatible with the Marketplace Module for Prestashop Multi-vendors. The vendors of the multi-seller marketplace can give their customers different offers and discounts using this module.

Wrapping Up:

The acquisition and retention of active sellers are focused on the ability to identify and highlight the specific advantages that suppliers would have when operating on your multi-seller platform on the Internet.

Another point of success is being able to sustain regular work on a flawless online marketplace, from a tool-set environment to the entire experience of sellers inside a virtual shopping mall network to achieve a solid reputation that is a self-running engine for quality suppliers to acquire.

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