Check out the new and updated Prestashop Marketplace V4.0.7 by Knowband

The Knowband’s Prestashop Marketplace is the best way to expand your business. In fact, the Prestashop multi-seller marketplace addon is the right way to complete the conversion. The PrestaShop Marketplace Module allows store owners to expand their product selection and provide customers with a wide choice of goods and services. With the Marketplace module, you can turn your store into a marketplace.

The owner of a PrestaShop marketplace module can charge a commission to merchants/merchants on the products they sell. Merchants will be able to improve their public image while also serving the Marketplace community in exchange for the commission they pay to the admin.

The Prestashop Multi vendor Marketplace module was launched by Knowband. Prestashop Multi-seller Marketplace module users will benefit from this blog post since it informs them of new features in the newest edition.

v4.0.7 of the Prestashop Marketplace Addon

1. Smart and improved Admin Interface: The new version of the Marketplace Plugin features an exceptionally simple administrative interface. Additionally, it gives the administrator the ability to manage the group.

2. Group Settings: The most current form emphasizes settings in groups, allowing the administrator to build the module to perfection.

3. General Settings: The General Settings tab now contains all of the system’s global settings. As an illustration, there are nuances in the way payments are made, how dealers are structured, and a lot more.

4. Compatible module addition: The administrator has the option to include workable modules in this approach as well. For instance, booking calendar, the Prestashop Return Manager, Prestashop Product Availability Check, and more.

5. PayPal Settings: In addition to the new UI design, the administrator must make adjustments to the PayPal API so that the PayPal button works properly.

Marketplace Module for Prestashop offers new Seller functions

Addition of CSV/XML Import/Export Functionality

Vendors were having difficulties with updating their inventory, it became apparent. Moreover, acquiring a second module for the transfer of large numbers of objects. As a result, the Prestashop Multi-dealer Marketplace module now has a CSV/XML Import/Export highlight on the new form. As a result, the sellers can send large quantities of different goods and mixtures. Additionally, businesses will save money and effort as a result of this change.

Admin Advantages of Prestashop Marketplace Module

Admins may convert their eCommerce site into a marketplace with only a few mouse clicks using a simple tool.

It would now be possible for the marketplace’s administrator to bring their marketplace into compliance with the GDPR EU legislation. Flipping a switch in the administrator interface of the PrestaShop Etsy clone empowers consistency.

Custom fields for a vendor’s profile can be added by the system administrator. In addition, the administrator can create new custom fields or remove already existing fields.

Prestashop Multi-vendor Marketplace Module enables the administrator to display custom fields on the vendor’s front profile page.

Under the general settings page, the administrator has the option of adding an alternative dealer enrollment structure.

The administrator has the option of selecting the sort of custom field he wants to create, such as a radio button, a checkbox, and so on.

The “Required” tab button allows administrators to make some custom fields required.


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