A Quick Guide To PrestaShop Mobile App Development

Majority of eCommerce businesses are lacking in terms of online revenue. The biggest reason for that is that they do not use mobile apps to sell their products and items. Additionally, the eCommerce mobile apps provide a strategic advantage to the store admin and a variety of other features that takes the customer’s shopping experience to the next level. Hence, the shopping app helps eCommerce companies in boosting revenue, enhancing customer satisfaction, and lowering cart abandonment rates, with much more. Before it’s too late, the store owner should choose the Android and iOS apps for their eCommerce business and start growing sales figures..

The PrestaShop Mobile App Builder allows store owners to quickly launch native Android and iOS apps for their eCommerce website. So, there isn’t any need to learn coding or technological skills to run and manage the eCommerce mobile apps. Moreover, the PrestaShop Mobile App consists of an enticing and optimized user interface, impressive function, and complete control from the module backend. These key points are attracting a wide range of online shoppers to the eCommerce mobile apps.

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1. Easy Customization With White Label Apps – 

For better brand visibility, the PrestaShop Mobile App Maker allows the store admin to launch the eCommerce mobile app under its own brand name. Hence, the store admin can change the app’s name, logo, splash screen, and other settings from the module admin panel.

The PrestaShop eCommerce Mobile App customization feature helps store owners to easily customize the home screen of shopping apps. The store admin can also select intuitive fonts and colors to improve the look and feel of the mobile app. By using the drag and drop editor, the store owner can completely customize the home screen of  Android and iOS apps. The eCommerce business owner can add, create, select the banners, categories, and sliders, layout design in the mobile app. 

2. Easy Registration and Login –

Customers can access the PrestaShop Mobile app by logging in with their most trusted and preferred social media accounts such as Facebook, Google and their Email accounts. The store owner can also allow customers to use Fingerprint and Phone Number (OTP) options for easy & handy login. 

3. Multilingual and RTL Support-

The PrestaShop Mobile App Builder allows the store owner to target several regions/localizations via a single app. So, the store admin can integrate all the language from the eCommerce website into the Android and iOS mobile app including RTL writing scripts like Arabic, Hebrew, Persian, etc.

4.Multiple Payment and Shipping Options- 

The Mobile App for PrestaShop allows customers to choose the safest and most reliable payment options. Also, the eCommerce merchant can integrate all the payment and shipping options available on the eCommerce website into the shopping app automatically. 

5. Real-Time Synchronization –

The store owner can find it difficult to manage the product inventory and data simultaneously on the website and Android/iOS app. The eCommerce website product data and inventory remains in complete synchronization with the PrestaShop Mobile App. The store admin does not have to perform any manual changes for the mobile app.

6. Push Notifications –

One of the best features of the PrestaShop eCommerce Mobile App is the Push Notification. Also, the push notification feature allows the store admin to send updates, current offers, and discounts to the customers via the shopping app. The push notification template, image, redirection link, etc. can also be simply configured from the admin panel. 

7. Offline Access –

The offline mode of the PrestaShop Android/iOS App Builder allows the users to access the mobile app even with no internet connection. So, the customers can browse and add the product to the wishlist or cart without having internet access.

Conclusion –

There are a lot of other beneficial features available in the Mobile App for PrestaShop that can help the eCommerce business to grab all benefits and opportunities. The extra features such as live order status, customer support, rating and reviews, filter and sort option, and much more are also very fruitful for the eCommerce business in the longer run.

All these above-mentioned features are also available with the WooCommerce Mobile App Builder plugin as well. The eCommerce store owner can now easily take their WooCommerce store to the mobile platform with native Android and iOS Mobile Apps and increase conversions and revenue.

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