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An abandoned cart is one of the most burdensome issues to resolve in the eCommerce world. It has been noticed that 7 out of 10 visitors abandoned their shopping cart, and this costs billions per year. One Page Checkout can help you in reducing the cart abandonment rate by 50% with its exceptional features. It is embraced with all the necessary functionalities an eCommerce owner demands for a checkout page.

Why do people abandon the cart?

The reasons for cart abandonment can belong to loading time, the lake of security badges, limited shipping, and payment methods, and whatnot. Knowband’s One Page Checkout addon is developed for the eCommerce store with all the possible cart abandonment reasons taken into consideration.

I will be discussing 6 ways that can help reduce cart abandonment rates through One Page Supercheckout

1. Simple and Clean UI

The User Interface of the One Page Checkout module is sleek and clean. All the necessary details are displayed on a single page. The One Page Supercheckout module has three customizable layout options which make it more easy and comfortable for the customers. Admin can pick and drop the sections as required to give it a better look. Some of the unnecessary fields can be removed or can be kept optional which reduces customer’s extra efforts and time. A simple and clean UI tricks the user and plays logically as it appears facile and easy and boosts the customer experience.

2. Quick registration and checkout

Most of the checkout page cart abandonment occurs due to lengthy and mandatory registration forms. The long and boring forms demotivate your buyers and drive them away from your eCommerce store. Instead of showing an annoying popup or mandatory registration, you can offer then Guest Checkout or ask them to sign up through their social media accounts as more than half of the world uses social media platforms.
The Knowband’s Single Page checkout addon is incorporated with Social Login through Facebook and Google+. Also, it offers Guest Checkout for the busy ones.

3. Progress meter

It is better to show the progress bar on the checkout page as it makes the user aware of the completion stages of the process. The progress bar fills up according to the percentage of progress made in accomplishing a task.
The Knowband’s One Page Checkout addon is developed by attributing certain milestones during the task to a percentage and the bar fills up as soon as the user completes that milestone. For One Page Checkout, the milestones are nothing but simple processes like Registration, Payment, Shipping, etc. It is better to know where you stand

4. Free shipping bar

Offering free shipping has several benefits like it raised sales and uplifts average cart order. It encourages more customers to shop as many users abandoned the cart due to extra shipping charges. The free shipping bar will be displayed on the top of the page with the eligibility amount. It encourages customers to shop more to grab the free shipping offer.

5. Multiple Payment Gateways

Not every user likes to share their credit card or debit card details. They feel intimidated while sharing this personal information on a new website. In One Page Checkout, you can add several payment options for the users and also attach security badges to earn the trust of your customers.

6. Several Shipping choices

You can set multiple custom shipping methods on your checkout page. You can add different shipping methods from different carriers. One page Checkout module allows admin to set the payment methods for specific shipping methods and vice versa. There are different types of customers and if a customer does not like one shipping method then he/she will have other choices that will keep them on your page instead of abandoning the cart.

Final Words

For an eCommerce store, it is essential to keep an eye on the customer behaviour and cart abandonment rate. Knowband’s One Page Checkout addon is the one-stop solution for all the cart abandonment issues. This module supports multiple languages and is multi-store compatible. The addon is fully mobile responsive and works well with all the themes. If you are looking for a checkout page which can reduce abandoned cart rate then nothing can be better than One Page Checkout.

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