What is Prestashop eBay Integrator all about? Know more!

Numerous individuals are currently comfortable with online shopping. Period! Retailers need to transform themselves and bring their business online as online selling guarantees great sales and benefits. In addition, there are numerous websites selling products online however individuals prefer purchasing products from a Marketplace website.

What is an online marketplace?

“An online marketplace is a kind of web-based business site where different sellers provide items or services. Online marketplaces are the essential sort of multichannel eCommerce and can be an approach to smooth out the production procedure.”

Selling your products on an eCommerce Marketplace can profit you as it will help you upgrade your brand image. In addition, increases the popularity of your store as well. Furthermore, eBay Marketplace is outstanding and the most popular Marketplace everywhere in the world. Selling on eBay through your PrestaShop store empowers your admittance to a great many customers everywhere in the world.

KnowBand offers Prestashop eBay Integration Addon that empowers vendors to integrate their PrestaShop store with eBay Marketplace. Most important, it gives you an effortless posting and inventory of the executive’s cycle. Likewise, helps in expanding your site’s revenue. You can basically associate both of these through the eBay API. When the integration is complete, you can list your products on eBay. All of it is done from the back-end of this Prestashop eBay Integrator itself.

Highlights of Prestashop eBay Marketplace Integration Extension

Simple API Integration

The Prestashop eBay Integration Module connects the PrestaShop store to the eBay marketplace through eBay API. Furthermore, it is done in just a couple of straightforward steps.

Continuous Synchronization

The Prestashop eBay Integration features ongoing synchronization. The plugin permits the admin to deal with every interaction from the back-end itself.

Handle Inventory Process

The admin can undoubtedly handle the inventory interaction and changes in the profiles. Furthermore, he can do it from the back-end of the eBay Prestashop Integrator.

Track Orders

The eBay Prestashop Connector permits users to keep a check on every one of the orders. In addition, that too without visiting the marketplace website.

Manage Order Status

The store admin can change the order status and easily evaluate the product appropriately. It can be done from the admin-end with the assistance of the eBay Prestashop API Integrator.

Map Product Categories

The Prestashop eBay API Integration Module permits the store admin to map the product categories to the marketplace website. It helps in the bulk uploading of products. Last, did you know that the sellers can also add videos on the product pages?

Revise Products

The Product status field of the Product Listing page displays the status of the products recorded on eBay. In case, the admin has rolled out any improvements in the product from the PrestaShop admin, then these products will show the status as Updated. The Revise Product CRON will list these products to eBay with the updated information.

Shipping Template Management

The eBay PrestaShop connector module allows the store admin to create shipping profiles. Moreover, he can map these shipping profiles to the different profiles created under Profiles Management.

Sync Inventory

sellSync orders CRON will list the products from the PrestaShop eBay Integration module to the eBay Marketplace. Further, alongside the varieties, inventory and, product depiction will also be done. When the Product Listing has been finished the admin can see the status of the products.

Product Status Listing Report

The eBay Marketplace Integration module permits the store admin to handily import the product status report. Hence, the store proprietors would then be able to update the product status from the backend of the Prestashop store.


Hence, if you want to take your eCommerce store to eBay. Also, want to expand your target audience, sales, and revenue, the Prestashop eBay Integrator is your best bet. After, eBay is a popular online marketplace where every eCommerce marketer wants to sell.
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