How Prestashop Auto Change Language and Currency change the default language and currency?

Knowband offers PrestaShop auto change language and currency addon which will change the language and currency automatically as per the customer’s area and whenever that client will visit the website. This addon implements a functionality which is, change in the language as per the customer’s region. Also, this addon fetches the customers real location and country details with the help of their IP address.

The Auto change language addon switches the language as well as the currency of the website easily within a second with the help of location information.

When it comes to customizing, The Auto change language and currency addon is highly customizable and can be implemented without any hassle. With the help of this addon, PrestaShop store admin can increase his business, offer the store products as well as services worldwide. Online clients can see the items and request effectively without having any disarray. Online clients can see store details and currency data in their preferred language.

Features of Prestashop Auto change currency plugin

  1. Prestashop Auto Switch Language and Currency addon come with hassle-free installation, configuration and usage.
  2. Prestashop Auto Switch Language and Currency extension is not difficult to activate or deactivate
  3. Changes the language as well as the currency of the store as per the client’s location.
  4. Its extension brings the client’s IP address for having the country as well as region details.
  5. PrestaShop Auto Switch Language and Currency let PrestaShop admin activate or deactivate the language and currency setting option for all active countries.

Benefits of Prestashop auto switch language

  1. A common language can be set for all nations and the same for currency.
  2. PrestaShop store owner can make common currency for all the nations
  3. Prestashop auto switch language allows owners to add different languages and currencies effortlessly.
  4. Prestashop Auto Change Currency module allows admin to offer user-experience to the customers visiting your e-commerce store.
  5. Enhances the chances of conversion on the Prestashop store.
  6. The Prestashop Auto Switch Language and Currency module change the default language of the store to users country language automatically.
  7. PrestaShop Auto Switch Language and Currency change the default currency of your store to users country currency.
  8. With the help of this module, store owners can set a default language and currency.
  9. Auto change language addon offers a user-friendly interface.

Thus, the online store merchant can provide a superior store insight to the clients and make shopping easier for customers. The Prestashop auto switch currency addon is profoundly customizable and provides smooth working. The e-merchant can undoubtedly customize the PrestaShop Auto Switch Language and Currency module for showing store content in the client’s language. The Auto Switch Currency module permits the online store owner to set a common language as a default language. The Prestashop Auto Switch Language and Currency addon is mobile friendly and offers a hassle-free implementation.

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