Endless Possibilities With An Online Booking and Rental System

An online booking and rental system is the easiest way to search and book the services over the web. Online booking and rental systems allow users to book various services directly from the booking website. These services may vary from site to site, they can be travel services, appointment booking e.g doctor, hotel bookings, daily booking products, etc.

Benefits of having a Booking system for your business may include:

1.) 24/7 availability: 

An online booking and rental system work round the clock in the whole year This provides the facility to the users to book services anytime they want, and it also enhances your sales because you are not limited to your working time. 

2.) Customer convenience: 

Online booking and rental systems ensure full convenience and comfort to the users. The feature of the online booking and rental system is one of the biggest advantages of the web. The users do not need to wait in a queue and can book services online right from the comfort of their own place. The Internet has extremely eased accessibility with users using the net and reaching anywhere in the globe.

3.) Efficient management:  

You would not be worrying about the overtime pay of your staff. Online booking and rental system minimizes costs and runs round the clock. Your working members won’t be tied to a cellphone waiting for customer’s calls. 

4.) Easy tracking: 

With an online booking and rental system, you can utilize online booking tools for tracking orders. These tools can be used to keep track of each booking and all the related information. Thus you will have all the details to better understand your users and their preferences.

5.) Easy and secure payment: 

Nowadays online transactions have become very simple and easy. You can complete your payment using online payment services so that there is no need for a user to pay in cash to book the services. For security reasons, there are several payment gateways and you can choose from any of them. 

What we are offering:

You can also build an online Booking and rental marketplace with an Online Booking and Reservation System from Knowband which consists of all the essential features you’ll need to create a fully-working booking site. It will also permit multiple merchants to add and sell their booking and rental services on your site.

Online Booking and Reservation module helps the store admin to enable online reservations and bookings for the products. There are 3 types of bookings, namely: hotel booking, rent (daily or hourly), and appointment booking – that can be enabled with the help of this Prestashop booking and rental module.

Prestashop Booking and Rental System module by Knowband helps the sellers to list an online booking system on their PrestaShop site. Prestashop Booking System is one of the best extensions to build a dynamic booking and rental system for your online store giving an alternative to adjust your pricing, maintain a booking calendar, appointment orders very effectively from the back dashboard. 

Types of bookings:

Appointment system:

Handle your appointments easily with the PrestaShop booking and rental system module. Through this PrestaShop module, you can offer two types of services to customers: Home Service or Branch Service. Home service is helpful if you offer services related to electronics repair, salon, etc. whereas Branch service helps if you own a clinic. For example, if you are a dentist you can let people book appointments and visit your branch. Selecting a type of service depends on your working model.

Hotel booking system:

Lots of Hotel bookings take place during vacations or special events. If you own a hotel and want to add it out to your PrestaShop store to allow customers to book rooms easily, the PrestaShop hotel booking module is the perfect solution.

Rental system:

Renting a product or service is way cheaper than buying. This is why the rental service businesses have taken a sharp growth in the past few years. PrestaShop Booking and Rental system offer two types of rental services: Hourly rental and Daily rental.


If you are a Prestashop store owner then you can build your Booking and rental marketplace with the help of this Prestashop Booking and rental system module. In case of any concern, you can reach us at support@knowband.com without any hassle.

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