The key features of the Prestashop Product Customization addon

Have you seen websites selling products that customizable and personalized by the customers? Even the smallest websites are adopting the trend of offering customizable products on their website. For instance, it can be a small pen with the recipient’s name. In addition, it can be a photo frame with the entire photo being carved. The variety of personalized products are available for the variety of customers out there? Have you thought about having a section that features personalized goods on your eCommerce store? Or, think about having an eCommerce store with only (yet a huge variety) personalized products? In both cases, the Prestashop Product Customization addon is the perfect match for your website.

The Prestashop product customization addon grants your customers to design and customize the products. Furthermore, it adds a designer board on the product pages of your website. In addition, offers a customize button on the product pages. Hence, as soon as the customer clicks on the customize option, the studio options pops up. Now, the customer can customize the mugs, t-shirts, and other products.

This blog talks about the various features of the Prestashop product designer module that you should know about.

Features of the Prestashop Custom Product Design module

Prestashop custom product designer addon allows the store owner to offer customizable products

The Advanced product customizer module permits e-vendors to add pre-defined design thoughts for various products on their online shop.

Multiple customization options for the customers are available in Online Product Designer

With Custom Product Designer, customers will get multiple customization choices. In addition, with their ideal product like T-shirts, mugs, rings, or some other sort of product that the customers can personalize.

The Product configurator module displays the Customize button on the product pages

The Prestashop product designer module shows a Customize button on the product page to the customers. The customers can simply click on the button and customize the products the way they want to.

The admin can enable or disable the Product personalization addon

The admin can enable or disable the Prestashop addon from the back-end with just one tap of the button.

The total amount calculates automatically

The final price automatically calculates with this Online Product Designer. Further, it depends on the kind of customizations that the customer makes.

Product definition displays on the front-end of Prestashop product designer module

The store admin can easily define the products for which the customization will be available on the front-end. He can do it with the help of the Prestashop Extended Product Customization module.

Enable or disable PDF file download option in Advanced product customizer module

The store admin can enable or disable the PDF document download choices for the customers. He can do it on the front-end from the back-end of the Product Configurator module.

Limitless number of pre-defined image designs

The store admin can effortlessly add as many as he wants to the pre-defined image designs. In addition, that applies to the image groups for the products as well. On the contrary, the customers can pick the default pictures. Moreover, they can even upload their very own picture for the product.

Definition of a specific price for customization

With the Advanced product customizer module, the store admin can define specific costs for various customization choices.

Prestashop Product Designer/Customizer addon is Multi-Store compatible and Multi-Store viable

The Prestashop custom product designer addon is multi-lingual and multi-store viable.

Mobile responsiveness

The Prestashop Custom Product Design module is mobile responsive and viable with various Prestashop themes.


The Prestashop product customization addon is a small module. However, exceptionally utilitarian and engaging option. In addition, it permits the customers to customize what they purchase. It is an advantageous choice for the store proprietors too. With this choice, your eCommerce store will carry more sales and conversions to your store.

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