PrestaShop Spin and Win Addon impact on customer engagement

For having a successful online store, your customer engagement must be strong. Customer engagement is one of the most important aspects when it comes to raising the relationship between customer and e-commerce merchants. Keeping all these points in mind, Knowband has come up with a responsive and interactive addon, Prestashop Spin and Win Email Subscription Addon. It additionally expands the contribution of the clients in your online store. PrestaShop Spin and Win Addon increase customer engagement due to its responsive and interactive fun-filled Spin Wheel. Fun-filled Spin Wheel is an easy method to constrain the customers of the website to enter the email ids.

Prestashop Email Subscription pop up addon is utilized by the merchants for creating an attractive and appealing website. Occasions like Black Friday, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New year are the perfect time to use this module. Theme preview options are the other biggest advantage of this module hence store owners are mostly benefited.

Salient benefit of PrestaShop Spin Wheel Addon

  • Prestashop Spin and Win are a 3 in 1 pop up module which comprises an entry pop up, exit pop up and email subscription pop up.
  • Prestashop Responsive pop up addon is an interactive fun-filled gamified Spin and Win contest challenge order the client to enter the email ids.
  • Prestashop Interactive pop up addon is the ideal way to attract the customer towards your e-commerce store.
  • Prestashop Email Subscription Popup helps the admin to expand the traffic to the online store. This is also used to create a relationship of trust among customers.

Features of PrestaShop Spin and Win Addon

1. PrestaShop Spin and Win Module aid email marketing and remarketing

The clients visiting your store can spin only after entering the email ids. The exit pop-ups can even increase the database of the customer Ids you have and with that merchants receive an additional feature in this Prestashop Newsletter Subscription popup addon. Customers visiting your store can spin the wheel only ones with a single Id.

Prestashop Exit Pop up addon keep the customers hooked and even let customers enter multiple email ids. Thus, this encourages the email marketing campaign of the storekeeper. Store owners can send promotional emails to a greater audience that leads to an increase in the change of conversions.

2. Prestashop Exit Intent Pop up encourages the purchase decision of the customers

The prizes won by spinning the wheel in the Spin and Win Module can be used while shopping. The coupon code that has been generated automatically in this Spin and Win can be copied by the customers and can be pasted into the Voucher Code area of the checkout page.

The best part is that customers can get the notification about the coupon code through email. This can encourage the purchase decision of the clients and propel them to go to the checkout page.

3. Prestashop Responsive pop up addon leads to a reduction in the bounce rate

The pop-ups have been utilized for an extremely significant time to curb the exit intention of the visitors. In any case, it was even blamed for irritating the clients. Prestashop Interactive pop up addon is one to prevent the clients from exiting the website without irritating them. Prestashop subscription pop up addon help the merchants in regulating the frequency of the wheel display. Thus, the attractive looking Prestashop Email Subscription pop up addon reduce bounce and exit rates.

4. With Prestashop Exit Intent Pop up store traffic can be increased.

Every customer gets attracted towards websites with attractive UI and good UI is one of the reasons that affect the purchase decision of the customers. Email Subscription pop up addon give a nice look to your website that intrigues the customers to visit your site again and again. Also, according to a psychological study, any free coupon is as good as no coupon for online shoppers. Henceforth, the whole situation ought to be organized so that the client feels as though he/she has blasted an arrangement or deal.

The most ideal approach to upgrade the conversions and revenue is to keep the customers engaged for a longer duration. While the classic exit pop-ups are viewed as irritating, Prestashop Responsive pop up addon by Knowband is perhaps the most alluring approach to reduce the exit rate and lure the clients to the checkout page.

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