The best features of the Prestashop Progressive Web App

It was long back when having a successful business was all about having a website that worked fine and the customers kept coming and buying from you.

Well, that was a long time ago!!

Now, the market is all about competition and staying ahead with the latest technological advancements. Above all, after the website came to the native apps that just made things so much easier for the customers. In addition, it is beneficial for the store merchants. However, with high-speed internet, the native apps soared high. Nevertheless, in case the internet speed is low, the native apps fail and that’s where Progressive Web App which is also called eCommerce PWA came into the picture.

So, What are Progressive Web Apps?

By all accounts, an eCommerce PWA isn’t that not the same as some other web application. You access it with your smartphone’s program, much the same as you do with a customary mobile website. Yet, in the actual, the PWA packs the cutting-edge tech that causes it to carry on and to feel like a native app.

If you have a Prestashop store, having the PrestaShop PWA Mobile App will take your eCommerce business to new heights. The PrestaShop Progressive Web App gives your customers a seamless shopping experience and provides access to your content even when there’s minimal or no internet connectivity. Your Prestashop store can benefit a lot from the eCommerce PWA. Know how!

Features of the PrestaShop PWA Mobile App Builder

White label solution

When a store merchant creates a mobile app, he wants the app to be under the brand’s name. With Knowband’s PrestaShop PWA Mobile App Builder, the merchants can be rest assured that as per the white label solution feature. As a result, the last product will be under the brand name banner and will nothing to do with Knowband.

Featured product listing

The featured product listing feature in the eCommerce PWA allows adding various product/category-based elements. These elements can be easily customized with banners with redirection. The store merchant gets to highlight the top products on the very first screen of the web application.

Easy customization

The users can easily add the Prestashop PWA mobile app on their Home Screen by visiting the website. The store admin can without any hassle, design and customize the home screen from the back-end.

Reliable and engaging

When it comes to reliability, the PrestaShop eCommerce PWA App works even in the worst-case scenario – no or weak internet connection. Where the native apps need a strong connection, the eCommerce PWA’s can easily work without the internet as well. The Prestashop addon improves customer engagement – thanks to the Push Notifications feature. The store admin can send unlimited push notifications to the users with the PWA for PrestaShop.

Multi-device compatibility

PrestaShop Progressive Web Application works perfectly on all devices that can be held in the hand like smartphones, iPhones, tablets, and more.


Where the native apps are downloadable from the Google Play Store or App Store, the eCommerce Progressive Web App needs no downloading. The former can be in MB or GB but the eCommerce PWA is lightweight that needs no downloading – they only need to be added to the Home Screen of the smartphone to access the content.

Email and social login

With the help of the Progressive Web App for PrestaShop, the store admin can allow the users to register or login with the help of the email address as well as through social login ids. This makes it a lot easier for the users to come aboard the store.

Live synchronization

When you want your website and apps’ content to be in sync with each other, the PrestaShop PWA Mobile App is your best bet. The live synchronization helps everything sync between the website and the app as well. For example, removal of out-of-stock products, the addition of products, orders, and tracking as well.

Offline mode

We’ve already talked about this in the blog earlier. The offline feature in the PrestaShop Progressive Web App builder ensures that the users have access to the store’s content without or weak internet connection. There are chances when your customers are accessing your products and the internet connection plays an important role. In fact, that’s where Prestashop eCommerce PWA App comes into the picture.

All payment and Shipping method support

No matter what payment options you have on your eCommerce store, you will be able to add them to your PWA app with the help of the PrestaShop PWA Mobile App maker. Likewise, all the shipping methods available on the eCommerce store will be added to the eCommerce PWA.

One page checkout

The Progressive web app for PrestaShop comes with a built-in single-page checkout. It requests only the essential information from the user. Furthermore, permits reviewing the entire order information earlier than effectively making the payment.


The eCommerce Progressive Web App for Prestashop is fully customizable and the best part is that we are getting all the necessary features for the eCommerce business. Having this module from Knowband will be beneficial for your eCommerce business and will expand your horizons.

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