The striking features of Prestashop Google Shopping Integration Addon

The admin can list items on Google Shopping using the Prestashop Google Shopping Integration Addon. As a consequence, when a buyer looks for comparable things, they’ll locate yours immediately. Shoppers may then click the product hyperlink to go straight to your website and purchase.

Knowband’s Prestashop Google Shopping Integration Module lets you add a complete goods classification to Google Shopping at once. Manual work is not required. With the Prestashop Google Shopping Integrator, you can manage everything. For instance, your accounts, product listings, product status updates, and much more.

In this blog, we will take a look at the striking features of the Prestashop Google Shopping Connector by Knowband. Let us go forth and check them out.

Stunning features of the Prestashop Google Shopping Integration Addon by Knowband

Controlling of profiles

The shop administrator can choose the fundamental parameters for listing the product. For instance, the store category, currency, language, and other characteristics in the Prestashop Google Shopping Feed Integration.

Template for Product Descriptions

The placeholders for the product description are available in the Prestashop Google Shopping API Integration. Placeholders such as id product, product title, manufacturer name, and price can be used by the administrator.

Products to exclude

The owner can omit items that are out of stock. Moreover, have a price less than a certain amount, or do not have a UPC or EAN number under the General Settings area.

Tracking UTM

The store owner can use UTM parameters to examine the traffic coming to their Prestashop store. In fact, he can do it from the backend of the Google Shopping Prestashop Integration.

Item Improvement

The Product listing tab of the addon displays all of the goods that the business owner needs to upload to Google Shopping. The product picture, Listing Id, Name, Profile to which goods are linked, Listing Status, and Date Added are all visible to the business owner.

Administration of Feed

The admin will be able to establish a timetable on this page of Google Shopping Prestashop API Integration so that the module may upload items to Google without any user intervention. The feed schedule is customizable by the store owner.

Items can be Enabled or Disabled

The owner can use this function to remove their products from the product listing page. Disabled items will no longer be available on Google Shopping. These deactivated goods can be enabled later by the store owner.


The owner must execute the cron to automate product listing, order synchronization, and product status updates. The owner may schedule this cron to run at a specified time, and once it does, the automatic procedure will synchronize data between the store and Google Shopping.

Local synchronization

The owner can use Local Sync to sync products from their PrestaShop store to their Google account. This option exists in the PrestaShop module’s synchronization part.

Product Status Syncing

The business owner may change the Google Shopping listing status of the items by selecting “Sync Product Status.” This can aid in tracking the progress of a product on the Prestashop Google Shopping Integration Addon’s product listing page.

Benefits of the Prestashop Google Shopping Integration Module by Knowband

Enhanced suitable traffic

Whenever such individuals click on your ad, they have just gathered sufficient significant data about your product. They can see how your thing shows up by checking the picture out. Likewise, they can let us know if it is affordable enough for them by checking the cost out. Accordingly, the individuals who click on your Shopping promotion are bound to make a buy. If you do exclude the expense, clients might come in to take a gander at your product however at that point leave. This will bring about a more prominent skip rate and an unsatisfied client’s needs. Notwithstanding, giving this data from the beginning connects with/enlivens the buying objective while likewise showing transparency in your cycles.

Expanded reach to the target audience

You might build the number of forthcoming purchasers for your business by utilizing Prestashop Google Shopping Integrator. Variable results of your determinations might show up just in a solitary inquiry. Google Shopping empowers you to bring issues to light of the assortment of important products you are selling. Accordingly, reach more intrigued people with a more prominent number of items. It is a mutually beneficial arrangement for the two players!

Incredibly simple to make handle

Overlook the tedious catch-all action! Google will choose when to show your products in light of the data in your thing data stream. Controlling your data utilizing your thing title, depiction, and grouping will assist you with come by improved results.

Admin Demo.

In the End

Using the Prestashop Google Shopping Integration Addon by Knowband, you can easily allow shoppers to find your products. In fact, the whole process of listing and handling products is effortless. In case you get stuck, you can reach out to the support team at

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