How To Boost eCommerce Business With PrestaShop Marketplace App Module?

When your business is fighting strong competition. It’s important to look into different sales channels in order to boost your profits. Moreover, the eCommerce industry is highly unpredictable, and there are no hard and fast rules for getting higher conversion rates. Being an eCommerce store owner in this harsh circumstance might also be difficult in terms of conversion rates and sales. If you want to get out of this bad position, now is the time to use the PrestaShop Marketplace app Addon for your online store to accept responsibility.

Moreover, you can’t sit around waiting for a miracle to happen. It will allow you to leverage internet markets to expand your business. Let us take a quick look below for those who are still unaware of the impact of PrestaShop Marketplace on their eCommerce business. Furthermore, the PrestaShop Multi vendor Marketplace app Addon is a combination of Prestashop marketplace and mobile app. 

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Maintain Inventory WIth Ease –

Managing and maintaining inventory is also a time-consuming and difficult task. Inventory management requires a lot of human labor and time. With the launch of this PrestaShop Advanced Marketplace module, inventory management is no longer required when selling your products to online shoppers. It will help you save time and money on inventory management tasks.

Opportunity to sell your products easily-

Online marketplaces are meant to sell and purchase products in an online business scenario. It can be accomplished only with a simple selling opportunity. The PrestaShop Marketplace extension is also unique as it helps in providing an easy front-end registration facility to sellers on a marketplace store. Moreover, with this feature, you can understand the impact of online marketplaces on the sales and conversions of your eCommerce site.

Timely Alerts and Updates-

This PrestaShop marketplace addon comes with a robust email notification system that can send out timely alerts and notifications to everyone in the marketplace community who is interested. It can provide all the information to buyers, sellers, and store managers about what’s going on in their online marketplace so they can take the appropriate action. This will assist you in making the best business decision possible.

Quality Services at Competent Price-

Despite the fact that much has been stated about the performance of this extension, there may still be a few people who wonder what the benefits of a PrestaShop Multi-Vendor module are. This multi-platform compatible PrestaShop Multi-Vendor marketplace plugin is also accessible for simply a few bucks. It also indicates that the PrestaShop marketplace module’s features can be accessed without difficulty on smartphones, and tablets. When comparing the number of features and functionalities accessible in other PrestaShop MarketPlace Addons, you will notice a significant price difference.

PrestaShop Marketplace App Features

1. Easy registration & login allows the store admin to eliminate the lengthy sign up process from your PrestaShop Marketplace App by including Email, Google and Facebook login features.

2. The store admin can easily integrate one click checkout and website payment and add shipping options in your PrestaShop Multi Vendor App. 

3.  Push notifications in the PrestaShop eCommerce Mobile App are a simple but effective way to communicate with your customers.

4. The PrestaShop Marketplace App Maker provides a product review and rating feature.

Conclusion –

So, take advantage of this online business opportunity by capturing the necessary sales and conversions with this PrestaShop Marketplace module from the Knowband store. This PrestaShop module can boost your eCommerce store’s drooping conversion rates and sales to new heights. Make the most of your PrestaShop multi-vendor app with the help of this feature-rich module by purchasing it from the Knowband shop online. To know more send us an email at

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