A Complete Guide To Launch Marketplace Compatible PrestaShop Mobile Apps

The market of mobile apps has increased rapidly after the growth and popularity of the Google Play and Apple App store. It has become convenient for customers to just download the app and use the same on their mobile device. This trend has also transformed eCommerce industry. The majority of PrestaShop store owners are searching for readymade eCommerce mobile apps for their business.

Going for an eCommerce app is a game-changer for every eCommerce business. With the increase in the usage of smartphones & super amazing shopping experience, it is necessary for PrestaShop businesses to move their business on mobile devices and target a huge audience.

PrestaShop Mobile App Builder

The PrestaShop Mobile App Maker is a readymade framework to launch native Android and iOS apps for any PrestaShop store. The module doesn’t require the store admin to remain dependent on the coding or technical complexities to build and deploy apps. Instead, the entire work will be done by Knowband skilled developers and your apps will be launched in no time.

The admin panel of PrestaShop Mobile App Creator allows the store admin to configure and manage the live Android and iOS apps on the go. Just a few clicks in the admin panel and the design as well as working of the app can be fully customized to work as per the requirements.

Compatible With PrestaShop Multi-vendor Marketplace

The PrestaShop Mobile App Maker is fully compatible Multi-vendor Marketplace. The sellers of the marketplace can be configured from the web module and same will be displayed on Android and iOS app as well. The customers will find a seller option in the left navigation menu and can view the seller and their products from there. All the Marketplace updates in seller (from web module) will be automatically updated on the app. No sort of manual efforts is required.  

Seller profile, Seller Products, Seller reviews and ratings, Seller shipping and return policies will be available for the front end customers.

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Simple Steps To Launch PrestaShop Marketplace Mobile App

Step 1: Purchase and install the extension from KnowBand

Step 2: Share the required details to create apps for your store.

Step 3: Review the final developed APK/IPA and confirm to make app live.

Top-notch Features of PrestaShop Mobile App Creator:

Now, let’s have a quick look at some of the amazing and beneficial features of PrestaShop Mobile App Maker. These functionalities can be a boon for both online store owner and front end shopper.

A) Easy Customization & Control

The PrestaShop Android & iOS Mobile App Builder allows the store admin to customize the layout of the home screen of mobile apps anytime. Several intuitive & attractive banners, images, sliders with simple attribute configuration with drag & drop functionality can be used to design the home screen. There is no need for any programming language and other technicality. The PrestaShop Android App Builder offers full freedom to store admin to perform the changes in the live app on its own.

B) Perfect For All Devices:

The PrestaShop iOS App Maker works seamlessly on both Android & iOS platforms. The user interface of the mobile apps run smoothly on all devices with its full potential. It is a great way to improve your website sales and revenue by targeting both Android & iOS platform audience.

C) Native Features:

The PrestaShop Mobile App consists of several features like voice search, fingerprint scanner, OTP login, etc to enhance the security and gain more trust of the customers. Voice search simplifies the search process and the fingerprint and Phone No. login functionality enhances the security of the shopping app.

D) White Label Apps (No Branding):

The PrestaShop eCommerce Mobile App is a white label application that gives the benefit to store admin to launch the app under their brand name. The store owner can include the brand name, app logo, icon, image splash screen, etc.

E) Shopping Benefits:

There are major shopping benefits that users can get by access to the exciting features of the Android Apps. The PrestaShop Mobile App Builder comes up with the bottom tab bar, navigation menu, exciting discounts, and updates on a regular basis to give shopping benefits to users and persuade them to purchase more. It is a great way to boost the revenue from the eCommerce mobile apps.

F) Live Inventory Synchronization:

The store admin does not have to worry about inventory management anymore. The Mobile App for PrestaShop is fully synchronized with the eCommerce website inventory. All the inventory, transactions, order data, etc. will be updated on the Android and iOS app without any manual efforts. The changes performed on the inventory will be automatically updated on the mobile apps during the run time.

G) Send Personalized Push Notifications:

The store admin can send both automated and manual push notifications from the PrestaShop Mobile App Maker admin panel. This feature allows the store admin to prepare and send unlimited notifications to the mobile app users. The push notification can help the eCommerce app to boost the business conversion & retention rate as compared to other techniques. Creating and sending new push notifications is just a matter of minutes.

H) Zopim and WhatsApp Chat Support:

The PrestaShop iOS App Maker allows the customers to directly connect with the store admin via inbuilt Zopim chat or WhatsApp. This feature helps in gaining user trust and confidence for the shopping app and resolve user’s queries and issues with 24*7 customer assistance.

I) Multiple Payment and Shipping Method:

The main motive of PrestaShop Mobile App is to bring more sales and payment method plays an important role in that. The multiple and favorable payment & shipping options let users choose the desired option for payment and shipping while online purchase. All website payment and shipping options will be automatically supported on the apps. No sort of extra integration is required.

J) Multiple Languages & Currency Support:

There is no language barrier for the Android and iOS apps and the store admin can target a maximum number of customers. The PrestaShop Mobile App Creator allows the store admin to include the same language and currency options in the app as available on the website. Even the RTL languages (Arabic, Urdu, Persian, etc.) are supported and work perfectly on the shopping apps.

K) Social Login / Sign-Up:

The PrestaShop Android & iOS Mobile App Builder consists of social login and Phone No/ Fingerprint sign in options to attract users. It consists of inbuilt Facebook, Google, and email login and to provide hassle-free enlistment.

L)  Simplified Checkout Option:

A simplified checkout option prevents users to leave the cart without transactions and helps in easier order submission. The PrestaShop Mobile App Creator prevents the user to fill in unnecessary information during the transaction period and make them order easily.

M) Offline Mode:

The PrestaShop Mobile Apps comes with inbuilt offline mode functionality allowing users to browse the app even in the case of slow internet connectivity.

N) GDPR Compliance

The PrestaShop eCommerce Mobile Apps are by default GDPR compliant. The store admin can configure the same from admin panel and users can ask the admin to delete the saved information or data.


In order to cope up with the market trends, it is important to have a shopping app for PrestaShop based store. Having an optimized Android and iOS app with all above features would be the sale booster channel for your store.

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