The Top 3 Advantages of Prestashop One Page Checkout by Knowband

There are numerous focal points of a one page checkout. They incorporate quicker checkout time, an guest checkout alternative, and decreased cart abandonment. Websites are very much aware of the trouble of getting eCommerce shoppers to make the last stride and really checkout. One would figure the greatest issue would attract individuals to your site and giving things they are looking forward to buying. And while these are issues all too often shoppers find what they are looking for and add it to the cart only to abandon it before completing the purchase. 

This is unfathomably disappointing to eCommerce website proprietors who need to make the checkout cycle as simple as conceivable to build sales. The absolute most ideal approach to do this is through a quick and simple checkout measure. Prestashop One Page Checkout addon is energetically suggested, and it will permit eCommerce shoppers to checkout in a compact period.

So, this blog talks about the various advantages that Prestashop One Page Checkout addon by Knowband makes it so popular.

Quick Checkout process

At whatever point your customers come to your store and have completed their shopping they are prepared to checkout, quick! Thus, they search for the briefest line and get disappointed when they need to stand by. It truly is no distinction with eCommerce. People get to the checkout cycle and they need it to be smoothed out and quick. In the event that it’s not, they are bound to go look elsewhere. 

Website proprietors don’t need this to occur. Indeed, it’s their most noticeably awful bad dream to get a client right to checkout just to have them abandon their cart and go somewhere else. Fortunately, a quick checkout choice is accessible with the Prestashop Fast Checkout addon. 

The PrestaShop One Page Supercheckout By Knowband lessens the time expected to look at just as the personal data that is gathered. At the point when clients see their eCommerce experience might be finished up on one page just, rapidly, and effectively, they are bound to finish the purchase. A few investigations have been led to decide how websites reasonable when they change to a one page checkout and a large number of the outcomes show that sales can go up by half. That is colossal and can have a major effect on an eCommerce site’s primary concern. 

Guest checkout

Probably one of the greatest advantages of the PrestaShop Quick Checkout addon is the alternative for guest checkout. Commonly clients essentially need to visit the site as a “guest” and make their buy namelessly. At the point when this is a choice, it is a lot simpler for the shoppers to finish their buy rapidly and effectively without having to sign in or make a record. All they have to do is add their email address, get the password via email and they don’t have to go through the steps to login via Google, Facebook, or any other. 

It’s very irritating to numerous shoppers to need to make a record at each website they need to purchase something from. As per Fundera, “Conversion rates can increase by 45% if you offer guest checkout”. Truth be told, it’s irritating to the point that numerous clients would prefer not to accept the thing they need to join. Because of this, websites lose a ton of sales. By essentially considering what is irritating to clients websites can benefit from quick and as a guest via PrestaShop Simplified Checkout addon by Knowband.

Multiple payment options

When it comes to making payments, an online shopper would certainly prefer the store that allows them to pay as they want to through the method that they can. 

If an online store provides only a few payment gateways like PayPal and PayU, there is a possibility that the customer fills in the details on the checkout page yet wishes to pay through ePay. Hence, the customer will abandon the cart right away. That’s where Prestashop Fast Checkout addon by Knowband comes into the picture. With the Prestashop module, the customers have options like PayPal, Advanced Paypal, AIM, Boleto, PayU, Stripe, Sage Pay, Mobilpay, Ogone, Pago Facil, ePay, ccAvenue, Quickpay, Firstdata, and many others.

There are numerous other benefits of having the PrestaShop Simplified Checkout addon from Knowband but these three are the best as per many store owners.

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