Transform Your PrestaShop Store’s Look with Knowband’s Dynamic Prestashop Product Sticker Addon

In the dynamic world of e-commerce, creating a visually appealing online store is crucial to attract and retain customers. PrestaShop, a popular e-commerce platform, offers a myriad of features to enhance your store’s functionality. One standout feature that can effortlessly enhance the visual charm of your products is the PrestaShop Product Sticker Addon crafted by Knowband.

Understanding the PrestaShop Product Sticker Addon

The Prestashop Sticker and Label Module by Knowband is a powerful tool designed to help online merchants highlight specific products, promotions, or offers on their e-commerce websites. This user-friendly addon enables you to add eye-catching stickers or badges to your product images, instantly grabbing the attention of your customers.

Key Features of Prestashop Product Label and Stickers Addon

Features of Prestashop Product Label and Stickers Addon- knowband

Easy Installation and Configuration:

Installing and configuring the Prestashop product label addon is a breeze. With just a few clicks, you can seamlessly integrate this addon into your PrestaShop store, without the need for any technical expertise.

Versatile Sticker Options:

The Prestashop product label and sticker addon offers a variety of pre-designed stickers suitable for different occasions such as discounts, new arrivals, bestsellers, and more. You can choose the stickers that align with your marketing strategy and product promotions.

Customization Options:

Tailor the appearance of the stickers to match your store’s branding. The PrestaShop Product Sticker Addon provides customization options, allowing you to modify the colors, fonts, and sizes of the stickers to ensure a cohesive look with the overall design of your website.

Rule-Based Sticker Application:

Implementing stickers based on specific rules is a powerful feature of this addon. You can set rules to display stickers on products meeting certain criteria, such as products on sale, items with a specific price range, or those belonging to a particular category.

Mobile Responsiveness:

In a time when mobile commerce is gaining momentum, the PrestaShop Product Label Addon guarantees that your stickers not only captivate the eye but also operate seamlessly across diverse devices, ensuring a uniform and enjoyable user experience.

Benefits of Using PrestaShop Product Sticker and Label Addon

Benefits of Using Knowband’s PrestaShop Product Sticker and Label Addon

Increased Visibility and Conversions:

By strategically placing stickers on products, you can draw attention to special offers, discounts, or new arrivals. This increased visibility can lead to higher click-through rates and, ultimately, improved conversions.

Promotion of Marketing Campaigns:

Whether you’re organizing a seasonal sale or showcasing a particular product range, the addon enables you to seamlessly integrate stickers that harmonize with your marketing initiatives. This visually engaging approach helps in reinforcing your promotional messages.

Enhanced User Experience:

The intuitive design and customization options of the Prestashop product label addon contribute to an enhanced user experience. Customers can quickly identify products with special offers or featured items, streamlining their shopping process.

Flexible and Scalable:

As your product range and promotional strategies evolve, the addon grows with your business. Its flexibility allows you to adapt and update stickers to reflect the dynamic nature of your e-commerce store.


In a competitive online marketplace, standing out is key to success. The Prestashop product label Addon by Knowband empowers PrestaShop store owners to enhance their product presentation and effectively communicate marketing messages to their audience. Enhance your online store’s visual allure, stimulate customer engagement, and increase conversions with this intuitive and feature-rich addon. Install the PrestaShop Product Sticker Addon today and take a significant step toward creating a more captivating and profitable e-commerce experience.

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