Why are these 5 Prestashop addons necessary for your online store?

Have you opened a PrestaShop shop? You rank among the happiest store owners if you do. Why? due to the fact that it is the most widely used CMS. Moreover, the Prestashop platform powers more than 7 lakh eCommerce websites. As a result, it is unquestionably the one that business marketers prefer. It is probably the most popular, user-friendly, and feature-rich eCommerce platform. Further, the Prestashop Addons Store has a comprehensive and impartial system for rating its merchants and offers a wide variety of add-ons.

The 5 eye-catching Prestashop addons that Knowband provides are amazing. Also, on the Addon Store, Knowband is arguably the most well-known and dependable vendor. It is a SuperHero Seller-positioned Gold Partner Agency of PrestaShop. On the Addon Store, Knowband provides more than 80 modules. The highest rank available to module developers is the Superhero vendor position. Knowband has the Gold Agency status and is a Premium Partner.

This blog discusses Knowband’s five eye-catching Prestashop addons for your online store. Your sales and revenue will increase thanks to these 5 eye-catching Prestashop addons. Additionally, they raise customer engagement in your shop. Let’s look at them down below.

5 Eye-Catching Prestashop Addons

Knowband Prestashop Mobile App Builder

Knowband Prestashop Mobile App Builder | 5 Eye-Catching Prestashop Addons

The global eCommerce market has grown tremendously over the past few decades. Additionally, it’s difficult to stay ahead of the competition. Additionally, marketers have always placed a high priority on customer involvement. Mobile applications have replaced websites as the primary online presence for consumers. The Prestashop mobile app is what separates us from the formidable rivals around us. With Knowband’s Prestashop mobile app creator, you can quickly create a mobile app for your customers. In actuality, you can pick an app for iOS, Android, or both. You can adjust the parameters using the module to meet your unique business needs.

The plugin provides the admin with a number of features. Some of them consist of:

  • Customization of the Home Screen’s design
  • Store promotion
  • The user interface is neat.
  • Numerous social media login options
  • Real-time synchronisation, among many other things.

The mobile app plugin has many advantages for both the admin and the users. In actuality, it is a complete package that aids in your improved audience outreach. Additionally, you can update them by sending push notifications, browser alerts, and other things. Consequently, give them access to the store’s content whenever they want.

One Page Supercheckout for Prestashop

One Page Supercheckout for Prestashop | 5 Eye-Catching Prestashop Addons

The fact is that no customer believes your store to be trustworthy on the first try. Additionally, if they think the checkout process is difficult, they hesitate to finish the purchase. Additionally, it takes too much time and is too long. Therefore, marketers think that the checkout page should be optimised to make it simple and quick. The Prestashop One Page Checkout is required if you want your customers to convert and complete the purchase in a flash. The single page checkout allows customers to finish their purchases on the same page. The one-step checkout option provided by the Prestashop addon is arguably the most effective way to reduce page bounce rates.

It is necessary to eliminate the numerous bottlenecks that have been reducing customer loyalty to the online store. In fact, make sure customers don’t need to complete a lengthy form before making an online purchase. The checkout cycle is also very important in this. With the development of the One Step Checkout Prestashop Module, they can completely revolutionise their online store.

There are many features in Prestashop responsive one page checkout. Among the most significant ones are:

  • Facility for guest checkout
  • There are various social login options, including Facebook, Google, and others.
  • The module offers a selection of shipping and payment options.
  • For a flawless experience, inline validation.
  • Multiple customer profiles are created.
  • Updated quantity from the checkout page, among other things.
  • The One Step Checkout Prestashop Module has sold more than 10,000 times.

Prestashop Integration for Etsy

Prestashop Integration for Etsy | 5 eye-catching Prestashop addons

Do you believe that selling on additional platforms would increase sales and profits? Additionally, Etsy is a wonderful choice when it comes to providing handmade goods, cosmetics, jewellery, and other choices. You can actually share your ideas with a wider audience thanks to the Prestashop Etsy Synchronization Addon.

For many eCommerce marketers, selling on Etsy is a dream and a vision. Period. Actually, it could be one of yours as well. Have you considered using a plugin to facilitate platform sales? The Prestashop Etsy Integration Addon can be useful if you run a Prestashop store.

Using the Addon, you can quickly integrate your eCommerce site with the marketplace. Additionally, sell effectively on the platform and manage everything from the store’s backend.

Numerous highlights of the Prestashop Etsy Marketplace Integration Addon can help with the task at hand. Let’s check them in more detail below:

  • Simplified management of profiles
  • Bulk listing of products
  • Continual synchronisation of the marketplace and the store
  • Tracking sales data from the back end
  • Alternative language options in addition to the default.
  • There are numerous shipping options available.
  • In order to facilitate bulk product uploads, the attributes and categories of the marketplace and the store can be linked.

Marketplace Addon for Prestashop

Have you heard of the Knowband Prestashop marketplace module? Have you ever really thought about converting your shop into a marketplace? You are, in fact, creating opportunities to boost your sales and revenues when you do that. Additionally, lessening the burden of running a single-vendor store by yourself. However, if you purchase the Prestashop marketplace addon, you can manage different sellers and make money doing so.

Marketplace Addon for Prestashop

A platform that enables multiple merchants to sell their goods simultaneously is known as a multi-vendor marketplace. With the help of the Prestashop Multi-seller Marketplace module, they are transforming their store into a marketplace. A multi-seller marketplace enables business owners and merchants to operate efficiently and profitably. The integrity of the connection must be preserved at all costs. Additionally, it updates clients on potential proposals and guarantees that the product will arrive on time.

Here are the features of the Prestashop multi-vendor marketplace module if you want to build your own marketplace rather than selling on one.

Simple registration for vendors

Commissions for each order handling of payout requests automatically or manually

Keeping track of seller transactions

Compatibility with mobile applications

Easy creation of membership schemes

Order management that is simple

Seller and administrator-specific dashboards. They can therefore work from their individual panels.

eBay API Integration Module for Prestashop

eBay API Integration Module for Prestashop | 5 eye-catching Prestashop addons

By using the Prestashop eBay Integration Addon, store owners can link their Prestashop stores to their eBay stores. Additionally, you can manage both your Prestashop and eBay stores from a single location thanks to the eBay Prestashop Integrator. Additionally, you need to purchase the Prestashop module in order to link the website to eBay. The module must now be uploaded to the Prestashop backend, which is all that is required of store owners. In fact, the administrator can quickly edit the module after installation. From the store’s backend, store owners can offer items and change eBay request details thanks to the Knowband module.

How does it work?

Install the eBay Prestashop Integrator in your Prestashop store. Create a seller account on eBay as well. By entering the necessary data in the module’s backend, you can connect the store to the seller’s account. Create the shipping options you want to offer your clients once the connection is established as well. Finally, run cron to sync the same with the market.

Store owners can easily change the item inventory on eBay by using the inventory sync tab from the Prestashop store’s backend.

It is simple to import the item status report of products from eBay into the eBay Marketplace. Actually, the administrator has no trouble doing that.

When creating eBay profiles from the administrator panel, owners of Prestashop eBay Stores allow the administrator to select the item’s country.

The Prestashop eBay Integration module is simple for store owners to install and customise. The administrator doesn’t need any technical skills or knowledge to install or set up the eBay integrator.

In the backend of the Prestashop eBay shop Integrator, products can be locally adjusted.

The administrator is able to relist and edit the products and their details on eBay thanks to the connector module’s programmed approach.

All of the Product status reports from the eBay Marketplace can be easily imported by the administrator.

From the backend, the store owner can quickly update the product inventories.

The Prestashop eBay Connector module administrator can create numerous shipping profiles from the administrator panel.

After all,

These five eye-catching Prestashop addons can support your online store and you. Furthermore, you don’t need any technical expertise to handle or use them. Additionally, these tools assist you in boosting the revenue and sales of your eCommerce business. For a better understanding of the plugins, feel free to check out their demo versions. Please contact us at support@knowband.com if you have any specific inquiries. Your store’s conversions and sales can increase with the aid of these 5 eye-catching Prestashop addons. Each of the aforementioned modules has a front-end and admin interface for you. To learn more about the module, you can look at them. Additionally, Knowband makes sure that shop managers get all the support they need.

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