6 Reasons To Use PrestaShop Gift Card For eCommerce Store

Retailers believe in offering gift cards to consumers as they are full of benefits. Gift cards are for loved ones. Gift cards are of two types- physical and digital( e-gift cards) and each comprises features and benefits. However, If you’re keen on buying gift vouchers for others during the Christmas season, or you need to get them for yourself, we recommend digital gift cards. here, we’ll talk about the Prestashop Gift Card.

Why Prestashop Gift Card?

Digital gift cards are convenient and more secure. Digital gift cards are sent online as well as over the phone, In addition, can be added to mobile wallets that lead to easier and secure purchases. Besides that, digital gift cards are beneficial for online eCommerce stores because they lead to higher revenue and sales. PrestaShop gift cards are the right ones.

The PrestaShop gift card manager Addon by Knowband permits the PrestaShop store owners to deal with the gift cards as per the requirements. This PrestaShop gift card voucher addon is an easy method to connect with more clients on the site. The pre-paid vouchers help e-merchants aid the purchase intention of the store visitors and effectively convert them into paying leads.

With this addon, the customer gets the flexibility to purchase the gift card online and send Gift vouchers to companions through email on a particular date and time. PrestaShop gift cards are printable by the sender for giving it in-person and can also create a personalized image gift card. These digital gift cards can be made for special occasions.

PrestaShop Gift Card Module comprises several benefits, a few of them are below

Reason 1: Interesting User Interface

The plugin has a different layout and design which is interesting to end clients and the latest version comprises features like adding new items from the backend. The latest version of the module allows customization of the picture from the front end that results in a better client experience.

Reason 2: PrestaShop Gift Card Addon Beneficial For Customers And New Orders

PrestaShop Advanced Gift Vouchers are sold more during the Christmas season. It supports the general income of the Christmas season.

Reason 3: Raises Sales

At the point when a client buys gift vouchers to your store, it doesn’t intend to help them purchase once and stop them. They return to your store to purchase the gift vouchers again. According to research, 70% of clients spend more than the estimation of the card. So the PrestaShop gift voucher certainly builds the deals to your store.

Reason 4: PrestaShop Gift Card Addon Enhances Brand Awareness

For enhancing brand awareness among people on a global level, the addon does it the right way. As clients purchase the gift voucher for others, it extends brand mindfulness among new individuals.

Reason 5: Can Be Purchased Easily

The module is easy to purchase. Store owners can purchase them through mobile wallets as well.

Reason 6: Enhances Personalised Customer Experience

The updated version of the addon permits clients to send a custom gift voucher with a customized picture to their friends and family. This improves the personalized customer experience.

In the End

E-Gift cards carry a ton of advantages to online business store owners. The advanced gift voucher draws in new clients, drives income, and enhances brand awareness. Therefore, we recommend PrestaShop Gift Card Manager.

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