How does the Prestashop Infinite Scroll Addon help the eCommerce Store?

The Infinite Scroll is a viable method to keep visitors drew in and engage on your eCommerce website. The Prestashop Infinite scroll addon permits your audience brisk and simple admittance to limitless measures of information. This makes a positive user experience and can help prolong the time they spend perusing your content and investigating your site. Be that as it may, along with the advantages of infinite scroll, there can likewise be a few issues.

This article will empower you to understand the upsides of the Prestashop Quick Scroll module and assist you with choosing if you should utilize it on your eCommerce website. We will at that point examine how to set it up utilizing the Knowband module, Infinite Scroll.

What is Infinite Scroll?

Infinite scroll implies just that a user can continue to scroll inconclusively. Rather than a user arriving at the footer of a page and clicking through to another page, the Prestashop list view scrolling addon empowers the following arrangement of information to simply continue to load. This implies visitors never need to trust that another page will load, the content will simply continue to stream constantly as they scroll down. This could incorporate the following post on your blog or more things from your exhibition.

Despite the fact that it tends to be amazingly viable, infinite scroll isn’t for everyone. Before you do the switch, it is worth initially considering your audience just as the sort of site you run, to check whether both are viable. So, if you are thinking of choosing the Prestashop fast scroll addon from Knowband, you should go ahead read about the same first.

Benefits of the Prestashop quick scroll addon

There are various advantages of utilizing infinite scroll. Infinite scroll gives visitors fast and simple admittance to the information on your site. It is incredibly simple to utilize and has an addictive quality that attracts users and urges them to draw in with your content

Positively enhances the time that the visitors spend on the website

One of the fundamental perks of having the PrestaShop Quick Scroll module on your website is that it saves individuals on your site for a longer duration. By not having the decision of whether to switch to the next page or the third one, the visitors simply continue scrolling and spend more time than they had intended to. And as we probably are aware, the longer visitors stay on your site, the more probable they are to convert over against your objectives, be it entering their email address or buying a product

The Prestashop Infinite scrolling addon enhances the User Experience

Utilizing the PrestaShop Quick Scroll module on your website incredibly improves the experience for users on your site. As new information loads, each time a user adventures near the lower part of the page, content shows up rapidly and easily. These outcomes in your audience not settling on any choices, click any buttons and trust that a page will load on its own. Once more, this saves visitors on your site for longer, just as helps increment the quantity of bringing visitors back.

The Prestashop fast scroll addon is mobile-responsive

The Prestashop Infinite scroll addon is additionally specialized to be mobile-responsive. With no time spent on buttons being pressed, users can scroll on their touch screens, without interruption. Quick access and usability are speaking to the larger part, promising visitors to visit your site consistently. Thanks to the Prestashop Quick Scroll module.

How to install and configure the PrestaShop Quick Scroll addon on your store?

  • Contact Knowband: This the very first thing to do in case you want the PrestaShop Infinite Scroll module to be customized in a way to be suitable for your store. The customer support will help you through.
  • Install the PrestaShop Infinite Scroll module: With the help of the User Manual of the PrestaShop Infinite Scroll addon, you can easily install and configure the same as per your need.
  • Make changes from the back-end: Whether you want to activate/deactivate, choose from the scrolling type or change the fonts and colors of the message box, you can easily do it from the back-end with a few buttons toggles.

Last thoughts

The Prestashop Infinite scroll addon is an incredible method to draw in your visitors, give them a noteworthy user experience, and help increment the time they spend on your site. If you want to know more about the module, check out below:

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