Take the engagement of the store to a new high with the Prestashop Infinite Scroll addon

It is periodically seen that online stores with a higher bounce rate will in general have a low rank on the search engines. Ever wondered why? Absolutely, in light of the fact that your store’s visitors don’t discover your store content less intriguing. If this is the issue that you are managing, at that point Prestashop Infinite Scroll Addon can help you make visitors stay on your site for a longer time.

Knowband along these lines offers PrestaShop Infinite Scroll addon that offers a natural scrolling highlight. This module replaces the traditional pagination from the store. In addition, the distinction between Pagination and Infinite Scrolling is not a secret. Pagination isolates the products into specific pages. In the second place, infinite scrolling offers all the products in a single spot without the visitors having to click on ‘Next Page’.

Do you want to know what makes the Prestashop quick scroll addon such a delight for your eCommerce store? This blog features some of the striking highlights of the Prestashop infinite scrolling addon. Go ahead and find them all.

Striking features of the Prestashop list view scrolling addon

Fast and natural scrolling

Prestashop fast scroll addon offers a fast and instinctive scrolling feature on your eCommerce store. It replaces the exhausting pagination framework which regularly can impact the load speed of your website and make it slow.

Additional Load more button

The Prestashop fast scroll addon offers a ‘load more’ highlight which allows the store proprietors to choose whether they need to see products further or not. The store admin can enable and disable the same from the back-end and make the website look much better than pagination.

Goes straightforwardly to the top

The PrestaShop infinite scrolling addon offers an additional go-to top connection button through which the store visitors can directly reach the highest point of the page with a single click.

Prestashop Infinite Scroll addon offers 2 layouts

The Prestashop list view scrolling extension functions admirably with both List view or Grid view design.

Displays a message when the guest arrives at the end

The visitors will get an attestation that they have reached the end. One of the most common grievances that visitors have is that with the infinite scroll the users feel engaged, yet with an end page message, the visitors will get an unmistakable notification that they have arrived at the finish of the page.

Profoundly adaptable

The store proprietors get the opportunity to do a few customizations in the Prestashop quick scroll addon. The store proprietors can change the design, shading, and design of the go-to top button, end page message button per the store’s topic.

Infinite Scrolling for specific IPs

The store proprietors, in the event that they wish, can add an IP Address so the Prestashop fast scroll addon highlight will turn out only for those IPs.

Gives an additional space for testing

The store proprietors likewise get additional sandbox settings to include through which the store proprietors can test the module prior to installing them into the store.

Multi-store viable

Prestashop list view scrolling addon is multi-store viable also.

Increases the engagement rate

Implementing Prestashop quick scroll addon guarantees that your store gets more traffic and also an increase in customer engagement on the store.

Straightforwardness in the installation

The Prestashop list view scrolling addon is not difficult to install and configure on the store. The store proprietors don’t need to execute any coding abilities to incorporate this PrestaShop module into the store.

In the End

It takes a lot to impress your visitors and make your customers come back for more. With the Prestashop quick scroll module, your visitors will stay engaged during browsing products. In addition, they’ll come back for more.

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