How to manage eCommerce returns with the Prestashop Return Manager?

Returns are nothing less than a terror for any eCommerce store owner (or even the physical store owners). What’s more terrorizing is the management of returns. When the eCommerce store witnesses a spike in sales, the owners are beyond happy but with more sales comes more returns which is a concern.

In particular, if you have been facing a lot of returns and are clueless about how to manage the return process, this is the right place for you. Furthermore, you can easily handle the entire return process with the Prestashop return manager Addon.

This blog talks about the features of the Prestashop Return Manager. In addition, it also mentions the reasons why Prestashop return manager Extension is your best bet.

Features of the Prestashop return manager Module

Gives a decision to the customers

With the assistance of the Prestashop order return manager extension, the store admin permits the customers to return the products and have three options – credit, refund, and replacement. At the point when the customers place the return requests, the admin can push them to browse the alternatives in the manner in which they need their cash back. They can either get it Credited in the site’s record and use it later or get the whole sum refunded and in conclusion, get the product exchanged.

Admin can make the return arrangements with the Prestashop return manager Addon

Giving the force in the hand of the store admin, the store admin can undoubtedly make the return arrangements according to the need. The admin can likewise feature the return terms and conditions on the return page. Furthermore, they can indicate the time frame after which the returns can’t be made with the Prestashop order return manager Module.

Post an inquiry for the return with the Prestashop RMA

The Prestashop RMA has an element with which the store admin can ask the justification putting the return solicitation of the product. The customers can essentially browse the choices gave in the drop-down menu. With this element of the Prestashop return product addon, the store admin will actually want to understand the zones that need amendment.

Who should pay the shipping charge?

With each return request, the store admin can indicate if the shipping charges are refundable or not. The PrestaShop return manager addon permits the online store owner to set the return reasons as per the necessities.

The store admin can make a return for the customer

With the PrestaShop Order Return Manager, the store admin can put a return request for the customer. This happens when the customer thinks that it’s troublesome doing likewise and by giving the email address and order ID, the admin can achieve this from the back-end.

Add a picture for the defect in products

The Prestashop return product addon has an element where the customers can upload pictures of the imperfect products that they got while making the return.

Check the details in the back-end

With the Prestashop order refund addon, the store admin can keep a check on the diverse return details from the customers. Regardless of whether the return requests are forthcoming, requests are dynamic, or if he needs to see every one of the fruitful returns, he can do it with the Prestashop order return manager Addon. With a couple of channels in the admin-end, the admin can check the returns, change the return status, the return history, and significantly more from the back-end.

Allow customers to drop the return request

With the Return Manager for Prestashop, the admin can permit the customers to drop the return requests. The store owner can without much of a stretch empower or incapacitate this component from the back-end.

The customers can raise another ticket

If the customers have any sort of concerns concerning their orders after order approval, they can raise a ticket.

Customize the messages

The Prestashop replacement manager Module comes with 6 in-built email formats. The arrangement of the formats is as per the email content appropriately.

Custom CSS and JS

The store admin can roll out the vital improvements in the Prestashop replacement manager Addon through the Custom CSS and JS.

GDPR Compliant

The Prestashop return manager Extension is GDPR viable, responsive, and viable with all programs.

Enable cripple product determination for replacement

In the event of a replacement, the customers can choose a couple of products if the admin has enacted something very similar from the back-finish of the Prestashop order return manager Extension.

Enable or incapacitate the whole order

The online users can likewise return the general order if the online store admin enacts this alternative.

Custom Field additions

The online vendor can make multiple custom fields from the admin interface of the Prestashop refund order Extension. The store vendor can set custom field block names, apply for approvals, and additionally set a default value (if required). Admin can make any field a necessary field.

How to manage your eCommerce returns?

Make an adaptable Return Policy

One of the significant focuses in the returns management best practices is to make your return approaches well. Be clear about the terms and conditions. Notice what sort of returns you acknowledge, what ought to be the state of the thing to get its replacement, what is the time frame for returning a thing, what is the method to raise a return request, and so on.
An efficiently composed eCommerce return strategy assists a user with understanding your return technique better. Likewise, try not to use any hard language that is hard for a user to understand. Product return strategy assists you with handling customer returns effectively as well as energizes users in their purchase choice interaction.

Permit customers to settle on a Return Choice

Adding to the rundown of eCommerce returns the management is allowing customers to choose how they need to manage the product they wish to return. Regardless of whether they need to exchange the product, raise a full refund, or need the product sum as focuses/store attributes, the decision ought to be left to them.
Giving a return decision is an enticing strategy to make customers return to your store later on. For instance, if a customer chooses the credits worth the product sum, giving him that would guarantee that the customer will return to your store in the close-by future and make a purchase.
Set forth plainly, it improves customer maintenance on your website.

Automate your Return Process

If you have a huge online business store, you will have more product returns, as we mentioned at the starting of the blog. Envision how troublesome it would get on the off chance that you physically handled the product returns. Besides, it will be very time-burning-through.
Automating your eCommerce returns can save you a great deal of time and effort. You would not have to handle each progression all alone. From informing the customer about the put return solicitation to advising them about the return status until the cycle is complete, make everything a programmed interaction. This will diminish the return preparing time.

Accelerate your eCommerce returns

Just after a customer puts the return request, they expect their cash’s worth in some form to the soonest. Even though it can require a couple of days, at any rate, you ought not to make your customers sit tight for excessively long. A long deferral makes frustration among customers and they would think a couple of times before submitting a request from your store once more. Ensure the returns handling is quick as could it should be. It improves customer loyalty.

Give free shipping

Customers don’t prefer to pay an additional amount for returning a product. Truth be told, nobody might want to pay some additional sum for a product that has a defect or doesn’t coordinate with their assumptions. If there is as of now an imperfection and in addition, the customers pay a little charge for returning it, they will feel irritated.
To evade this, you can permit free shipping on returns and keep your customers happy and fulfilled.


The latest version of the Prestashop addon has new features that you can check out. The Prestashop order refund addon is an entrancing and supportive apparatus for the eCommerce store owner to manage the return and drop the solicitations at the backend. An issue-free return strategy pulls in purchasers and gains the customer’s trust. The addon is also an integral part of the Prestashop Marketplace addon.

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