The benefits of the Prestashop Automatic Related Products

What are Related Products?

When you display more products that connect to the products that the customers are looking at, they are often called the Related Products. For example, when a customer is buying an Induction Cook-top, the website can display an induction-based cookware set, spatulas, and other items.

When you add the feature of Prestashop Automatic Related Products addon, you allow your customers to find more products that they can buy with the existing products that the customers are planning to buy. The eCommerce merchant also benefits from the Prestashop product cross-selling module is a beneficial module for the store owner as well and that’s what we’ll be talking about in this blog.

Benefits of the Prestashop Automatic Related Products

Increased cart value

Thanks to the PrestaShop product cross-selling module that you can encourage your customers to shop more and increase the value of the cart. For example, when a customer is already buying a product worth $50 and chooses to buy something from the related products section that is also worth $50, the cart value increases. Hence, the sales at your store increase.

Encourage customers to view and buy more products

With the help of the Prestashop related products plugin, the store admin can encourage the customers to view and buy more products. The admin can show perfect similar products to increase sales. The admin can display the products on the front end by customizing the back-end. He can do it depending on what the customers are looking for.

The placement of related products section on the front-end

The admin can decide the placement of the ‘products you may like’ section. It can be anywhere on the website pages and setting them can be done from the back-end. The section displays on the Homepage, Category pages, Product pages, Cart page, and the Manufacture page as well. From the back-end of the Prestashop PrestaShop alike product module, the store admin can place the feature in the left column, right column, or the bottom of the website page.

Hide the out of stock products

With the assistance of the Prestashop automatic related products module, the store administrator can empower the feature where just the in-stock products will be shown toward the front to the customers. Clicking and finding the item is unavailable can be exceptionally bothering for the customers. Hence, the PrestaShop alike product module allows the admin to hide the out-of-stock products.

Choose the products to display

The store admin can choose the specific products to display on the front with this related product extension. He can make the customizations with a few button toggles.

Choose the number of products to display

The Prestashop module empowers the store admin to set the number of products to display on the front end. The admin can do that on different website pages. The admin can show as many products as he wants on the product page, cart page, homepage, and others.

Reduced bounce rate

When you give numerous options to your customers, are giving reasons to them to stay on the website and convert. Hence, reducing the bounce rate of the website.

Promote specific products

The store admin can easily promote the specific products with this addon. For example, if he wants to display a specific product, he can do that with the help of the Prestashop automatic related products.

Promote new arrivals

The online store admin can promote new arrivals. He/she can do that by showing them as related products with the PrestaShop related products addon.

In the end

The Prestashop Automatic Related Product addon is a functional module that isn’t too pricey for you. In addition, it serves well for your eCommerce sales because it encourages cart value. Check out the user manual of the Prestashop module with its working Admin Demo and Front Demo to have a better understanding. You can even know more about the module in this video:

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