How PrestaShop Automatic Related Products improves website sales?

PrestaShop Product Cross-Selling Module helps store merchants to grab the customer’s attention and enhance the e-commerce website. Knowband offers PrestaShop Automatic Related Products Addon that permits the online store merchants to show similar products on different website pages. This Advance Related Product Extension offers an option to set specific conditions for displaying appropriate and similar products on each page.

With PrestaShop Automatic Related Product, store admin can set the methods as well as filters for showing the items as similar products. The admin can display the related product column on the left, right, or page bottom with the help of PrestaShop Automatic Related Product Addon. With the help of this addon, online clients can see similar products and get their preferred product. This leads to improve or increase in sales and conversion rate.

For showing the related products on various pages there are several methods. Prestashop store admin can configure the PrestaShop Related Products Module as per his/her requirements. The admin can also set the keyword and attribute filter for the product page, cart page, and order confirmation page for showing the related products. One can choose the maximum number of related products to be shown on various website pages.

How does PrestaShop Automatic Related Product improve sales?

Can be used on any website page

The store owners can showcase the related products on various pages of the site, for example, on the product page, cart page, order confirmation page, and so forth. The major point behind this is to catch the customer’s attention towards items so they become keen on purchasing them.

Similar product titles can be customized

The eCommerce merchants can modify the title of related items.

 Display method

The eCommerce storekeepers can browse among different showing strategies. They can show first-class items, smash hits, fresh debuts, and so forth.

Product location can be customized

The eCommerce storekeepers can browse among different showing strategies. They can show first-class items, smash hits, fresh debuts, and so forth. The storekeepers can likewise set the position where they need to display the related products on the page.

Easy to install and configure

The Prestashop comparative items addon is not difficult to execute on the store. The storekeepers can allude to the client manual for itemized establishment information. The eCommerce dealer can empower the module with simply a tick. The Prestashop similar products addon is very easy to implement in the store.

Compatible with different languages

The Prestashop Automatic Related Products extension is multi-lingual compatible as well which means it is compatible with different languages.

Offers multi-store compatibility

The Prestashop Related Products Module offers multi-store similarity.

Boost store’s sales:

PrestaShop Automatic Related Products addon boost store’s sales. The Prestashop Automatic Related Product Addon contributes towards enhancing your store’s change rate and also improves the shopping experience of all the clients by demonstrating an extensive range of products to choose from.


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