How does the Prestashop Block User/bot by country, IP or user agent Addon work?

Has your website been often harmed because of spambots? The undesirable website traffic, for example, robots, spiders, crawlers, and shopping bots may avoid the consideration of the store proprietors now and again, however it might cost them over the span of time. Well, Prestashop doesn’t offer a default method to keep the spambots away from the website. Hence, Knowband offers a fully functional Prestashop block Bot by Country Addon that will do the work for you and block the bots.

The Prestashop block user/bot by IP, country or user agent Addon helps to ban the unwanted traffic from spambots and users. With the feature of Google ReCaptcha added in the Prestashop spam blocker can easily ensure that only human entities be allowed on the website. Also, if you feel that there is a specific country that is not useful for your web – store and you don’t want to run your store in that country, you can easily block the country with the help of the Prestashop block User by IP Addon.

Let get down to the part where we talk about the working of the Prestashop IP Spam Blocker Addon and also its benefits for the store merchant.

How does the Prestashop block user/bot by IP, country, or user agent Addon work?

There are numerous ways with which the Prestashop Block User/bot by User-Agent helps your website and blocks malicious entities from entering your website. They include:

Block the spammers by IP

The Prestashop spam blocker allows the store owner to add in IP addresses that they think would be harmful to your website. He can enter the complete IP address or he can use * in order to block all the IPs lying in that range. It may be in the form, or 223.190.77.*, as per the requirement. The functionality can be enabled or disabled from the back-end with ease.

Block the country

As it was mentioned in the blog earlier, in case the store owner thinks that they are not offering services in a specific country, they can easily block the country from the back-end with the help of the Prestashop spam blocker addon. The only thing that the store admin has to do is add the name of the country in the ‘Block by Country’ tab that needs to be banned from viewing or entering the website. Once enabled, the country will no longer be able to be functional on the website.

Block the user agent

The Prestashop block bot/user by user agent module has a key feature where the store admin can block the user agents with ease. All the admin has to do is enter the name of the user agents with a single click from the admin back-end. The various user agents include Chrome, Mozilla, Bingbot, msnbot, twengabot, Facebook, and others. The e-merchant can block the access of the site for a specific user-agent.

Now, that you know how does the Prestashop block user/bot by IP, country, or user agent module, you can go ahead find the benefits of the same below.

Benefits of the Prestashop block user/bot by IP, country, or user agent addon

  • This Prestashop Block User/bot by IP offers a simple method to protect your website from spammers and unessential users.
  • The store admin would now be able to drive quality traffic to your eCommerce store by blocking spam visitors.
  • The store admin can protect their Prestashop store from unsafe and pernicious assaults by blocking dubious exercises.
  • The changed blocking choices ensure that certified customers are not prohibited from the site.
  • Any customer can demand to give him admittance to the website. The administrator can see ask for and give them the entrance as need be.

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