Safeguard your store with these stunning Prestashop addons

If you have a website, you should manage spammers! When it comes to spambots, they leave no chance to harm a website and Prestashop is no special case. Spammers attempt to corrupt your website by posting spam links, comments, doing counterfeit registrations, and so on. Scrapping this needed traffic is significant so your website’s performance on the search engine isn’t hampered. To assist you with disposing of spammers, we present you with two Prestashop addons that could end up being compelling in confining bots and spammers from entering your website and doing malicious exercises.

Before we start, we should attempt to understand a couple of spam exercises that you could observe on your Prestashop website.

Spam exercises that could harm your eCommerce store and its content

Spam comments

You would regularly get eager to see such a large number of remarks on your blog entries just to understand that they are just spam interfaces and have no connection with the content at all. These immaterial remarks are irritating as well as harmed your SEO as they give the link juice to the spammers’ websites.

Counterfeit Sign-ups

In this spam action, bots besiege your website with multiple phony registrations. They take up a great deal of capacity on your worker and plan to moderate or mischief your website’s performance.

So, now that you know that these are the different types of problems for your eCommerce store, take a look at the Prestashop addons that are helpful in these situations.

Prestashop Block User/bot by IP, Country or User Agent

The Prestashop Spam Blocker addon allows you to block a store guest by his/her IP address, country, or user agent. The Prestashop Block Bot Addon intends to keep the spambots and other entities at bay and abstains them from coming to the store. It makes sure that only the human entities come aboard.

From the back-end of the Prestashop Block User/bot by IP, Country or User Agent, you can indicate the IP addresses from which you don’t get traffic or which you suspect to send spam to your website. You can embed multiple IPs immediately. Or on the other hand, as opposed to blocking, you can permit just certain IPs to get to your Prestashop store.

Similarly, on the off chance that you are getting a high volume of spam traffic from some particular nations, you can put them on the block list. This happens with the Prestashop block Bot by Country.

The following component of the Prestashop block Bot by User Agent, it has is blocking spammers/bots that are landing on your website from a particular user-agent.

It might happen some of the time that you block a certified user. So what this module does is permit blocked users to raise a request to the website proprietor unblocking. The admin can follow the solicitations from the back-end and make choices in like manner.

Prestashop Google ReCaptcha module

The Google ReCaptcha addon is the most ideal approach to counter fraudulent registrations on your website. It adds a security layer to your website. You can empower reCaptcha on the Login page, Registration page, Contact Us page, and Forgot Password page. For each page, you can determine the reCaptcha that you need to set: v2 reCaptcha or v3 reCaptcha.

The old reCaptcha for example v2 is a basic “I’m not a robot” checkbox permitting individuals to effortlessly experience that specific page. On the contrary, the v3 reCaptcha uses AI and advanced hazard examination to distinguish bots from people. The basic formula of the Human verification system is that only humans can click on the checkbox. However, the spamming entities cannot enter the website. If you want to install the Prestashop addon, check out this blog.


The battle among spammers and websites goes on until the end of time. They will attempt to spread spam using all means. With the help of the Prestashop Block Bot Addon and the Google ReCaptcha addon, the merchants can secure their eCommerce store from them all. These Prestashop addons are small yet necessary for your webstore’s security.

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