Why do you need the Prestashop Google ReCaptcha?

Have you seen the feature on Google ReCaptcha on various websites where you’re trying to enter but if you don’t click on the Google ReCaptcha box or the images it asks, you won’t make it in?

Well, this is one of the best ways to secure your eCommerce store from spamming bots!

If you have a Prestashop store, you too have to secure your website from bots with the help of the Prestashop Google ReCaptcha module. The Google ReCaptcha addon is responsible for blocking all the harmful entities that can destroy your website and its contents to enter the eCommerce store.

If you have an online store with rich content, you would have experienced spam bots harming the content. But, you should not worry anymore as the Prestashop Google reCaptcha extension by Knowband is here to get your website cleaned up blocking all the bots. The Opencart module acts as a safety wall between your website and the spambots. The design of the module in a way doesn’t let the non-human entity enter the website. Opencart human verification only lets the humans enter and blocks the bots.

This blog talks about the reasons why your store needs to have the feature of a Human verification system. You can also get to know the various features of the Prestashop module.

Reasons to have Prestashop Google ReCaptcha addon

To secure the online surveys

The Prestashop Google ReCaptcha module helps secure the probity of online surveys by preventing cybercriminals from using robots to send in rehashed bogus reactions.

Stops hackers to consistently sign in

Google ReCaptcha addon stops brute force assaults on online records in which cyber-criminals consistently attempt to sign in using many various passwords.

Stops the spambots to sign-up for multiple accounts

The human verification module keeps cybercriminals from signing up for multiple email accounts that they’ll at that point proceed to use for nefarious purposes.

Curbs spamming content pages

The Prestashop Google ReCaptcha addon stops cyber-criminals from spamming sites or news content pages with dodgy remarks and connections to other websites.

To make online shopping safer

The whole process of shopping online can be made safer by adding the feature of a Human verification system on the eCommerce store.

Features of the Google ReCaptcha Module

1. Easy to install and configure.

2. Improves website security.

3. Blocks spam registrations, messages, and comments, etc.

4. Option to show Google ReCaptcha on 4 pages:

  • Login Page
  • Registration Page
  • Contact Page
  • Forgotten Password page
  • Checkout page
  • Newsletter

5. The latest version of the Prestashop human verification module features an option where the store admin can choose the type of ReCaptcha for different pages.

6. The store admin can choose the number of login attempts before the Google ReCaptcha displays.

7. The store admin can select from the Light and Dark themes.

8. Option to change custom CSS and JS.

9. The Prestashop Google ReCaptcha module is SSL compatible.

10. The addon is Multi-store compatible.

11. It is compatible with all themes.

12. The Prestashop addon is multi-language compatible


Having the Prestashop Google ReCaptcha module on your website or eCommerce store safeguards your store and its content. If you want to know how to integrate the Prestashop addon in your store, this blog is the best. Know more about the Prestashop module with the links mentioned below.

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