A Complete Guide to Prestashop Preferred Delivery Time Addon

PrestaShop Preferred Delivery Time Module allows customers to choose the delivery date time on the checkout page according to his/her needs. At the point when a client places an order, they get an expected delivery time like 2-3 days. We simply accept and trust for the request to convey inside the normal time.

Neither there is surety about the arrival date nor the timing. Picking up the date and time slot according to your needs is possible with PrestaShop Preferred Delivery Date and Time addon to make sure customers get his/her product on their specified time.


Features of PrestaShop Preferred Delivery date and time Addon:

  • Allows the online customers to mention their preferred delivery date and time on the checkout page.
  • Online customers get a calendar input to select the desired delivery date. The calendar is available for all the languages, if the customer update its version.
  • With PrestaShop Preferred Delivery Time Module, customers can select the time slot by choosing them from a drop-down list.
  • Delivery time field can be optional or mandatory with the help of PrestaShop Preferred Delivery date and time Module.
  • Configurable email format to alter the email to be shipped off the clients.
  • This module is compatible with SSL, multi-store and various PrestaShop themes.
  • From the admin interface of this Prestashop to refer delivery, the online store admin can set the date format.
  • PrestaShop store admin can set 24 hours format as well as 12 hours format as per the needs.
  • The online clients can likewise update their delivery preferences even in the wake of  placing the order.

Merchant benefits of Prestashop Preferred Delivery Time

  • PrestaShop admin can display the favored delivery date and time choice on the site.
  • As a store merchant, one can offer a better shopping experience to online users.
  • PrestaShop Preferred Delivery Time Module comes with the option of engaging customers with exceptional product delivery options.
  • Preferred Delivery date and time PrestaShop Module offers the opportunity to leverage a feature that is not available on many eCommerce platforms.
  • PrestaShop admin can decide the Delivery Days Gap and time slots.
  • There is an option to set Start delivery time and End delivery time from the Prestashop prefer delivery module admin interface.
  • From the admin interface, online merchants can decide the time slot range.
  • With PrestaShop Preferred Delivery Time Module, online merchants can allow the online store admin to disable delivery days, allow Post Order Delivery date and time update when he wishes to.

Customers Benefits of Preferred Delivery date and time Addon:

  • PrestaShop Preferred Delivery addon lets users select their delivery date and time.
  • Even after placing the order, customers can update their preferred delivery time.
  • The time slot in which they want to receive the order can be set by the online users.
  • The email notification is mailed to the online user along with the preferred delivery date and time details.

For any kind of assistance with the PrestaShop Preferred Delivery Time addon, you can contact us at support@knowband.com

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