Offer better Returns with the Prestashop Return Manager module

In any business organization, getting a product returned to a purchaser appears to be a massive mission. Because of all the formalities and lengthy processes concerned with managing the whole technique. The whole experience might be a nasty one if there aren’t any smooth arrangements concerning the proficient return strategy. Due to this developing issue managing the returning approach, the customers, and the eCommerce organizations. As a result, they are paying a hefty rate and they concur with the shortage among them is preparing at a quicker speed. Hence, this issue should be critically checked with the goal that it will improve the working of an eCommerce store proprietor among its endeavor rivals. Last, to improve on the whole return strategy and to smooth out the whole technique, eCommerce organizations are increasingly embracing the Prestashop Return Manager Module that has amended the whole product returning technique.

The Prestashop return manager Addon is the best solution for return management. The online merchant can easily handle return requests and offer a better interface to the customers for sending return requests. The Prestashop order return manager module is highly customizable and offers smooth functioning. The online store merchant can allow customers to choose from three available return types i.e., credit, refund, and replacement. Online users can easily place return requests and track the status also.

The Prestashop return manager extension is a fruitful module for your eCommerce store. It offers a lot of highlights that make it advantageous for both the customers just as the store proprietor. Check out the highlights of the Prestashop return manager module by Knowband in this blog.

Features of the PrestaShop RMA extension

1. Gives a decision to the customers

With the assistance of the Prestashop order return manager extension, the store admin permits the customers to return the products. In addition, they have three options – credit, refund, and replacement. Furthermore, when the customers place the return requests, they provoke to browse the choices. In order to get their cash back, they browse and shop again. They can either get it Credited in the site’s record and use it later. In addition, they can even get the whole sum refunded and finally get the product supplanted/exchanged.

2. Admin can make the return approaches

Giving the force in the hand of the store admin, the store admin can undoubtedly make the return approaches according to the need. The admin can likewise feature the return terms and conditions on the return page. Moreover, they can indicate the time frame after which the returns can’t be made with the Prestashop order return manager Module.

3. Post an inquiry for the return

The Prestashop RMA module has an element with which the store admin can ask the justification setting the return solicitation of the product. The customers can basically browse the choices gave in the drop-down menu. With this component of the Prestashop return product addon, the store admin will actually want to understand the aspect that needs correction.

4. Specify who should pay the shipping expense

With each return request, the store admin can determine if the shipping charges are refundable or not. The PrestaShop return manager addon permits the online store trader to set the return reasons as per the necessities.

5. The store admin can make a return in the interest of the customer

With the PrestaShop Order Return Manager, the store admin can put a return request in the interest of the customer. This happens when the customer thinks that it is troublesome doing likewise and by giving the email address and order ID, the admin can achieve this from the back-end of the module.

6. Add a picture for faulty products

The Prestashop return product addon has a component where the customers can upload pictures of the flawed products that they got while making the return. This gives a clear picture to the admin of why the return was made.

7. Check the details in the back-end

With the Prestashop order refund addon, the store admin can keep a check on the diverse return details from the customers. Regardless of whether the return requests are forthcoming, requests are dynamic, or on the off chance that he needs to see every one of the effective returns, he can do it with the Prestashop order return manager addon. With a couple of channels in the admin-end, the admin can check the returns, change the return status, the return history, and much more from the back-end.

8. Allow customers to drop the return request

With the Return Manager for Prestashop, the admin can permit the customers to drop the return requests. The store trader can undoubtedly empower or incapacitate this element from the back-end.

9. The customers can raise another ticket

In case the customers have any sort of concerns with their orders, they can raise a ticket. In addition, they can even do it after the return request approval.

10. Customize the email messages

The Prestashop replacement manager Module features 6 in-built formats that customizable according to the email content in like manner.

11. Custom CSS and JS

The store admin can roll out the essential improvements in the Prestashop replacement manager Addon. He/she can do it through Custom CSS and JS.

12. GDPR Compliant

The Prestashop return manager Extension is GDPR viable, responsive, and viable with all programs.

13. Enable debilitate product choice for replacement

If there should arise an occurrence of a replacement, the customers can choose a couple of products if the admin has actuated something very similar from the back-end of the Prestashop order return manager Extension.

14. Enable disable the whole order

The online users can likewise return the general order if the online store admin actuates this alternative.

15. Custom Field

The online merchant can make multiple custom fields from the admin interface of the Prestashop refund order Extension. The store admin can set custom field block names, apply for approvals, and additionally set a default value (if required). Admin can make any handle a necessary field.

Last say

Thus, when you have the Prestashop order return manager module in your website configured as your store needs, you enable your customers to shop more without intuition to an extreme. Furthermore, there are some new features as well that you should take a look at. It has diminished the heaps of formalities, administrative work, and complexities that used to come excluded with the product return request.

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