How PrestaShop Progressive Web App Can Be A Game Changer For Your eCommerce Business?

The majority of online eCommerce merchants are somewhere seeking mobile apps for their business. But, launching a mobile app isn’t a piece of cake for everyone. Also, it requires a huge amount of capital and time investment to build and launch a full-fledged mobile app for your business. If you are also an eCommerce store owner and looking forward to owning mobile apps, the Progressive Web App (PWA) is a smart choice. 

The Prestashop PWA Mobile App Maker is the readymade plugin to build and launch Progressive Web App (PWA). It gives you the look and feel of the native app and has the potential to grow your eCommerce business to reach new heights. The store admin can manage the extension from the admin panel and make relevant changes on the mobile app.

The major advantage of Progressive Web App is that rather than publishing it on Google Play Store and Apple App Store, the store admin can directly launch the PWA app on the eCommerce Website URL. Furthermore, the mobile shoppers who browse the eCommerce store URL on the mobile browser can get the pop-up to “Add mobile App To Home Screen”. The PrestaShop PWA Mobile App can be simply installed on the mobile phone by tapping on the Popup coming on the user’s screen after opening the store URL. Check out the below links for more details:

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Focused Features of PrestaShop PWA Mobile App:

If you want to get deeper insights about the Progressive Web App, then try to check Twitter, Alibaba, and other popular PWA apps. Many Popular brands have picked up the PWA Mobile app for better conversions and sales. The Prestashop PWA Mobile App Builder is the best choice for the eCommerce business because it helps you bring up the mobile audience and sales  instantly. Here are some of the major mentioned features

1. Branding and Management Control From Admin Panel-

The PrestaShop PWA Mobile App Maker helps the eCommerce business to reach its full potential and increases sales and revenue. It even allows the store admin to launch the eCommerce mobile app with its brand name and value. The branding makes the shopping app look more professional and trustworthy to the customers. The PWA Mobile App is a fully white-label solution. 

The Prestashop PWA Mobile App Creator consists of an easy-to-use admin panel to perform the changes in the live Progressive Web App. There is no need for coding knowledge from the store admin. All the necessary settings on the extension backend are done by the store admin. The updates will be automatically reflected on the Progressive Web App automatically. The home page layout configuration allows the store admin to change the look and feel of the mobile app anytime. The store owner can create and save multiple layouts and choose the right one for the Progressive Web App. . 

2. Easy Login and Checkout  (More Conversions And Sales)-

The Mobile App for Prestashop PWA consists of an easy login and checkout option. That helps the eCommerce business to attract more customers. The easy login feature consists of social login options like Facebook and Google along with email login and registration options. The quick and handy login options can improve mobile app conversions for eCommerce. The single-page checkout option is also an important function in the PWA app. It allows users to enter all the necessary data and purchase with ease. 

3. Broader Customer Targeting-

The Prestashop Progressive Web App Builder works seamlessly on both Android and iOS platforms that make it a top-notch choice for many eCommerce businesses. Moreover, the module helps the store admin to focus on more geographical zones/regions. It provides all the languages of the web store in the mobile app. It helps the customers to change the whole content of the PWA mobile app in preferred languages and search for the product with ease. 

4. Multiple Payment & Shipping Support-

The PrestaShop Progressive Web App Creator will ensure that the app users won’t face any glitch or issue in payment options. The eCommerce store merchant can also include all the payment and shipping options of the web store on the eCommerce app. Moreover, This allows the customers to perform transactions with ease and convenience.

5. Automatic Inventory Update-

The eCommerce merchant needs to put a lot of manual effort while managing the product inventory and database simultaneously on the website and mobile app. The Prestashop PWA Mobile App Maker allows the store owner to automatically perform all the changes related to product inventory and data on the Progressive Web App. The module allows the store owner to manage the PWA app and eCommerce store inventory simultaneously with minimal effort. 

6. Marketing With Push Notifications-

Push notifications are considered as one of the basic tools of marketing. It has shown its significance by engaging many customers in mobile apps. The push notifications can be sent to the user’s device even when he is not using the eCommerce app and the smartphone screen is off. The Prestashop PWA Mobile App Builder understands its importance and makes it useful in all possible ways. The store admin can organize and send push notifications according to the latest offers, deals, updates, and much more. The store admin can send the custom and predefined push notifications on the user’s smartphone.

7. Convenient PWA App Working With Offline Mode-

The Prestashop Progressive Web App Maker is very much lightweight and convenient to use. The mobile app rarely gets crashed and performs faster than a native app. The quicker and smooth browsing can attract more customers and offer them an improved shopping experience. Another important aspect is that the PWA Mobile App works seamlessly even in offline mode with no internet connectivity. 

8. No Dependency on Google Play/Apple Store-

The Google Play Store and Apple App Store consist of several rules and regulations that every native mobile app has to follow in order to get listed there. The Prestashop Progressive Web app is not dependent upon any third-party medium to get launched. The merchant can simply make the eCommerce PWA live on the online website. The users have to simply click on “Add to Home Screen” while accessing the eCommerce website and can directly install the app on their smartphone. 

9. Reliable & Engaging (Faster Performance)-

Faster performance is a great way to redirect online shoppers to your shopping app. The customer feels more reliable towards those eCommerce mobile apps that provide faster browsing and easier shopping. . The PrestaShop Progressive Web App Builder offers a handy and featured eCommerce mobile app that makes shopping fun for users. 

10. Coupons & Vouchers Support-

The coupons and vouchers in the eCommerce app are used to provide store offers/discounts to potential customers. The Prestashop PWA Mobile App allows the users to use the same offers and discounts on the mobile app and persuades them for more purchases.


Thus, the Prestashop PWA Mobile App helps you in moving towards a brighter future and gives you the opportunity to remain ahead in the eCommerce industry. Because of the massive demand for an eCommerce mobile app, it is the right time to go for a Progressive Web App Builder. The PWA Mobile App offers a stunning shopping experience with improved features like fast performance, offline mode, push notifications, SEO enhancement, and much more.

The Progressive Web App Builder is also available for other featured eCommerce platforms like OpenCart, Magento 2, and WooCommerce.

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