How To Integrate PWA Mobile App for PrestaShop Website?

In the Current technology sphere, there are a lot of changes in the eCommerce market than it used to be. These changes have impacted the general lifestyle of the store admin and prospects. Users tend more to shop online according to their convenience especially through mobile phones. But, it can be costly for the eCommerce business to launch mobile app solutions. The Progressive Web App is one of the most prominent ways to achieve that. Many eCommerce store owners have already opted for the PWA app and achieved success. In this write-up, we will be discussing about one such PrestaShop PWA Mobile App Builder extension.

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Steps To Launch The PrestaShop PWA Mobile App-

The store admin just has to follow three simple steps in order to integrate the PWA Mobile App into the Prestashop website:

1. Purchase the Prestashop PWA Mobile App module from Knowband.

2. Share required details to set up Progressive Web App. 

3. Review the PWA app and confirm to make it live on the eCommerce website.

What is Prestashop PWA Mobile App?

The Prestashop PWA Mobile App Maker is the next step in the evolution of web apps and emerging technology. The Prestashop PWA Mobile App gives the look and feels of the native app to the users by implementing web technology. The eCommerce app can easily be added to the home screen of the user device, whenever the store URL is opened on the mobile browser. The users can access the app right from the browser without depending on Play Store and App store for installation. 

The customers do not have to go through the major app marketplaces such as Google Play Store and Apple App Store. The customers just have to go through the eCommerce website on the mobile browser and the “Add to home screen ” pop-up appear in front of them. The PWA app for PrestaShop automatically gets installed on the mobile home screen. 

Top Features Of Prestashop PWA Mobile App Maker –

1. Personalized Apps –

The Mobile App for Prestashop PWA comes with personalized branding and allows the store admin to launch the app under its brand name. The store admin can include its own splash screen, icon, logo, etc. The shopping app focuses on multiple custom-made options to change the look and the feel of the Progressive web app. 

2. Home Screen Layout Control –

The Prestashop Progressive Web App consists of easy customization that allows the store admin to change the look and the feel of the shopping app. The store admin can add intuitive and attractive colors and fonts for the same. The Prestashop Progressive Web App Builder allows the store admin to design and customize the home screen interface from the admin panel. The home screen design is fully dynamic and can be changed anytime.

3. Easy To Login –

The easy login options such as social login (Google and Facebook) make the app access and usage easier. The Prestashop Progressive Web App Maker allows the customers to login into the mobile app with email sign-in as well.

4. Multi-Lingual And Currency Support –

To eliminate any kind of communication barrier, the Prestashop Progressive Web App Builder comes with multiple language integration facilities including RTL. The eCommerce app supports all kinds of global and regional languages and currencies available on the eCommerce website.  

5. Supports All Payment And Shipping –

The Prestashop Progressive Web App Maker includes all payment and shipping options available on the eCommerce store. The Shopping app allows the users to use all the shipping and payment options that they were previously using on the eCommerce website. 

6. Handy Checkout –

The Prestashop PWA Mobile App Builder allows the user to fill in the only necessary information while checkout from the shopping app. The customer can review his information twice before performing transactions. The Progressive Web App consists of optimized one-page checkout and helps in lowering the cart abandonment rate. 

7. Push Notifications For Marketing –

The store admin can schedule the notification for the customer or send it to them manually. The automated notification from the admin can be sent to give updates about new orders, discounts, promotions, and marketing. 

8. Inventory Update –

The Prestashop PWA Mobile App Maker can be easily synchronized with the eCommerce website. The store admin can include all the eCommerce website inventory data on the mobile app. The PWA Mobile App comes with a real-time synchronization feature.

9. Order Information –

The Prestashop PWA Mobile App Creator allows the users to view the information of their previously placed orders. The information or status updates can be sent via push notification and received by the user on the mobile app itself. 

10. Offline Availability –

The Mobile App for Prestashop PWA consists of an offline-browsing feature. All contents will be pre-loaded and stored in a form of a cache. This allows the users to access the Progressive Web App even with no internet availability. 

11. Faster loading –

The Mobile App for Prestashop PWA is faster in comparison to native Android and iOS apps. The shopping app loads faster and gives a seamless and smooth user experience. The page loads quickly and very lightweight, unlike native apps. 

Conclusion –

Many eCommerce businesses have already opted for the Progressive Web App and the number is still growing. The PrestaShop PWA Mobile App does have great potential and Knowband works especially on increasing its speed, layout flexibility, and feature capability. It provides a light, responsive, and engaging shopping experience for customers. If you are looking for the perfect PWA app solution for your eCommerce business send us an email at

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