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The eCommerce industry has gained momentous headway by aiding the customers in satisfying their necessities proficiently. In any case, with the expanding number of eCommerce retailers, the opposition in the market has expanded. Because of the advancement of innovation, beginning an eCommerce store turns into a simple assignment for business visionaries who wish to enter the online retailing world. Be that as it may, how to begin your online store? You can either decide to build an online store highlighting restricted products or decide to make a Prestashop multi-vendor marketplace for higher ROI with the assistance of a colossal assortment of products. Did you know there are different types of online marketplaces? Know them here.

The subsequent choice sounds seriously appealing which offers a superior product decision to the intended target audience without any problem.

How does an online marketplace function?

An online multi-vendor marketplace permits the merchants to deal with their orders using a separate dashboard accommodated to them. They should simply list their products and begin selling immediately. Every one of the integration and customization by the marketplace saves additional efforts and time. Well, with the help of the Prestashop Multi-vendor Marketplace extension, you can rest assured that you get a total package where you just have to tweak the module as per your need and you’re good to go.

Presently, we should perceive how constructing a multi-vendor marketplace is better compared to having an individual online store.

Here is a list of the top advantages of having an online marketplace.

Better ROI

Generating better returns on the venture with the assistance of a specific arrangement of products is consistently troublesome when contrasted with doing so using a multi-seller marketplace. Multi-vendor marketplaces have the incredible capability of creating high ROI because of the assortment of products and serious estimating offered by a few enrolled sellers. This draws in customers who are searching for specific products and subsequently making a purchase.

No issue with stock management

Inventory/stock management is one of the greatest agonies for an eCommerce retailer. With a marketplace setup, the proprietor need not keep stock. Multiple warehouses are kept up by singular dealers in a multi-seller eCommerce marketplace situation. Alongside this, there are a few delivery accomplices associated with the supply chain. Subsequently conveying products to customers should be possible quickly as it isn’t reliant on a single warehouse.

The triumphant formula for proprietors, vendors, and customers

Online marketplaces help the business proprietor in earning benefits from the commission applied on products listed by the sellers. Then again, the merchants can straightforwardly earn a benefit by selling their products at a Prestashop multi-vendor marketplace that needs minimal management from their end. Toward the end, with regards to customers, the enormous scope of products persuade them to shop more and return to the store.

In any case, dealing with a marketplace with numerous merchants isn’t pretty much as simple as it sounds. This is the place where the recently launched Prestashop Marketplace Addon proves to be useful. This Prestashop Multi-vendor Marketplace Module adequately empowers business proprietors to set up and maintain their business across a marketplace platform. Prestashop Multi-vendor Marketplace Extension rearranges multi-merchant management to another level. It empowers simple management of the product inventory, orders, invoices, payments, and so on effortlessly.

The amazingly user-friendly interface of the Prestashop Multi-seller Marketplace module is effectively navigable and used by store proprietors to deal with the varied sellers, merchant products, orders, commissions, payouts, and so forth. Other rich highlights incorporate a fast shipping measure, secure payment services, website visibility increase, social media interactions, multiple language support, multiple currency format support, and so on. Hence, you should know the key features of the Prestashop Marketplace Module.

Features of the Prestashop Marketplace Module for the admin

  1. The Prestashop Multi-vendor Marketplace Module gives straightforward dealer monitoring and management.
  2. The admin can without much of a stretch track the whole cycle of selling with the Prestashop Multi-vendor Marketplace Extension.
  3. The Prestashop Multi-vendor Marketplace Plugin gives simple seller registrations.
  4. With the Prestashop Multi-seller Marketplace module, the store admin can deal with the ratings and reviews of products from the back-end.
  5. The store admin can without much of a stretch set a worldwide commission for the dealers with the Prestashop Multi-seller Marketplace Plugin.
  6. The vendors can manage payout requests with the assistance of the Prestashop Marketplace.
  7. The admin can without much of a stretch deal with the approval of classifications and products effortlessly from the back-end when the vendors add products from their end.
  8. More than 30 pre-customized email formats are customizable when the need be with the help of the Prestashop Marketplace Extension.
  9. The Mobile App Builder for PrestaShop Multi-seller Marketplace Plugin carries the PrestaShop Marketplace to the fingertips of the customers.
  10. Expansion of custom fields on the merchant profile’s page.
  11. Participation plans permit the store admin to begin subscription-based assistance.


Marketplaces offer an interesting channel to the proprietors and retailers and likewise admittance to new causes of supply and demand. This Prestashop Multi-vendor Marketplace Extension is exceptionally valuable and effectively permits even non-technically knowledgeable business proprietors to deal with their marketplace from the simple-to-use admin board. Outsider retailers and merchants, alongside their products, can be effectively and oversaw and facilitated from this lavishly highlighted platform. It’s an all-inclusive resource for beginning a marketplace!

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