Top 5 Tips for selling successfully on Prestashop marketplaces

Marketplaces are huge in the business industry and with that comes enormous competition. Selling on a marketplace can become cumbersome if you don’t have a smart marketing strategy. Be it an on-demand grocery business or an online clothing marketplace, developing a powerful strategy is a must to stand out in the marketplace industry.

Here are some benefits of selling on a marketplace:

Large Customer base: Selling on a marketplace allows you to sell your product to a large audience. 

Lower Marketing Cost: The marketplaces offer their marketing plans and have their marketing structure. You just have to register and sell.

Lower investment: Instead of creating your website you can start selling on an existing marketplace. Developing a marketplace isn’t that simple but is easier to sell as marketplaces are offering a lot of benefits to the sellers.

Your attention will be solely on your online marketplace. Customer relations, search engine optimization, ads, social media, and of course, costs would have to be taken care of. Some pro marketing tactics are discussed in this article that can help you reach more customers and allows you to create your unique brand identity.

  • Making the Most of Your Social Media
  • FacebookMarketing for conversion and website clicks

The Facebook business page is a great platform to build your brand identity. You can share images, videos, links, or anything that relates to your business and helps you in selling your products.

Another way is Facebook’s classic ads and this feature by Facebook can drive traffic and increase website clicks. Implement Facebook advertisement in your marketplace marketing strategy and end-up translating to conversion. You can even promote your Facebook posts and products with Facebook promoting. 

  • Make way through Instagram Ads and Reels:

You can create an Instagram page for promoting your marketplace products and increase your customer base. Instagram business is also a super awesome platform to sell your products and you can even link your website to the products. Instagram allows users to run paid promotions and advertisements.Social media marketing is the best choice to make because the millennial hitting it every now and then.

Use the newly launched Instagram reels for business marketing and get yourself more popular because the reels are displayed in the explore tab of Instagram. The reels feature of Instagram is the bomb!

  • SEO: Maximise your search engine visibility

Your ranking on Google is calculated by search engine optimization (SEO). Have users find you by ranking in the search engine result page positions at the moment they are looking for the related product.

The pull from marketplace advertising doesn’t mean that positioning work should be overlooked. Currently, to get as much traffic as possible, paid ads and organic placement should be mixed.

Attract more potential customers, more sales, and better feedback means improving product quality. Products that are considered a lot by marketplaces like Amazon, can help boost your organic placement in searches and on category pages.

To stand out from the competition in every marketplace, continue to take note of keywords, as well as the degree of originality and quality of your product information and metadata.

  • Develop a great content strategy for Voice search:

There are increasingly more users who are using voice search on Alexa, Siri, or Google for their answers. E-commerce has also seen an increase in the use of voice commands for online searches and questions. And while this does not affect the kinds of goods that you market, it affects how you show them online.

For voice searches, the product texts, names, details, and metadata for photos and content must be configured so that they are easy to find and therefore get a good market position.

You may assume that in writing, searches are the same but the reality is that users talk very differently from how they write. Study how to adapt the product data to be read by bots and get easily identified marketplace categories.

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  • Story telling over selling

Don’t sell a product, sell stories with benefits. This tactic works a lot better as compared to product marketing strategies. Testimonials are so effective when you are looking for a plan to convert your visitors to the marketplace.

Customer reviews produce something of a self-fulfilling prophecy about your relationship with your target audience. Someone likes your product or service, so you invite them to leave a nice testimonial or review. Naturally, customers trust each other rather than just marketing collateral, so the testimonial adds more weight to the decision they are trying to make. Therefore such initial happy clients facilitate more transactions, which produces more happy customers.

The PrestaShop Marketplace Module allows customers to drop product reviews and rate the sellers on the Marketplace. When you combine consumer testimonials with other popular marketing methods – such as a strong reliance not just on content, blogs but on social media platforms that make your collateral stand out and build a unique impression – your message is suddenly enhanced in the best possible way.


You offer an opportunity to let loyal customers become brand ambassadors, which does more than you could ever do on your own in terms of building confidence, reputation, and connection.

In the meantime, you’re also building more brand supporters, which is always a positive thing.

The secret to selling on the marketplace is to design the search process, question, and purchase that are transparent and easy for the client and save their time and effort. The first step in a successful plan of selling on a marketplace is by making sure that your products can be found easily and efficiently in right place at right time.

You can take expert help to chalk out your marketing strategy for selling on a marketplace. Drop a comment if you find this article helpful or if you have a marketing story to tell the world. KnowBand is empowering online businesses for a decade and we provide solutions for website development, creating a multi-vendor marketplace and we have developed several plugins for eCommerce platforms like OpenCart, PrestaShop, Magento, and Shopify.

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