How is the Guest Checkout function a must in the Prestashop One Page Checkout?

It should come as no surprise that your eCommerce store’s checkout page is one of the most important phases that either represents the moment of truth or the purchase.

There are nine checkout conversion killers, according to this Knowband’s blog. One of the transformation executors is encouraging your visitors to enroll to complete the purchase.

In case you have been struggling with a high abandoned cart rate in your store, invest in Guest Checkout. Furthermore, it is an integral function of the Prestashop One Page Checkout. Knowband offers a One Page Checkout Prestashop, which is the best approach to give your visitors a simple and unregistered way to complete their purchase.

This blog discusses the perks of the guest checkout highlight on your Prestashop One Page Supercheckout. Want to know the importance of the functionality? Let us go forth and check it out.

Advantages of Guest Checkout in Prestashop One Step Checkout Addon

The most efficient approach to set up the primary contact is to use Guest Checkout

Allowing customers to check out as a guest is especially important when they’re intrigued by your website or brand. This is common since clients have little confidence in web-based enterprises with their personal information.

Clients are likely to switch if they aren’t required to open accounts before purchasing, as it requires a lesser amount of obligation. If they appreciate what you have to offer, they will very certainly return and make a record.

With the One Step Checkout Prestashop Module, you can provide the option of signing up on the eCommerce site or completing their purchase using the Guest Checkout feature.

The purchasing system fastens using the Guest-Checkout functionality

Guest checkout shortens the buying cycle by avoiding. How? By removing the inconvenient development of potential customers to enlist before completing a purchase. Furthermore, this works because it provides them the option of entering their email addresses. Moreover, heading straight to the checkout.

Your clients will be able to complete location and installation details more quickly, making the cycle appear to be less demanding. When you impose an enrollment, it frequently disrupts the purchase process and causes clients to abandon their carts. Therefore, you should keep the number of fields to fill to a minimum.

Similarly, potential customers who do not register are immediately enrolled in payment plans. They don’t reach a point when they have to decide whether or not to continue. Furthermore, as we indicated in the first point, you may generally include the option to create a record at the end of the checkout cycle.

Fantastic tool for incentivizing purchases

Customers in a hurry don’t want to waste time signing up for each web store. In fact, they don’t have to worry about their inbox being bombarded with limited-time messages from other businesses.

As a result, if you make the enrollment process as simple as possible, they will purchase from your shop. That is where the Responsive one page checkout Prestashop comes in as a lifeline for your eCommerce business.


The Guest Checkout feature of the Prestashop responsive one step checkout addon is important. In addition, it is beneficial for Prestashop business owners. Further, the ones who are expecting greater sales and revenue.

Having the Prestashop One Page Checkout contains the element of guest checkout and a lot more than the visitors enjoy. Moreover, would go ahead to buy what they’re looking for regularly. Let us know your doubts at

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