Benefits of PrestaShop Gift Card Module that Makes it Unique

Sell attractive Gift Cards on your online store and lift your income and deal with Knowband’s PrestaShop Gift Card Manager. By offering gift vouchers on your eCommerce site, you get more deals as well as gain new clients for your business. With the module, you can allow your clients to purchase occasion themed gift vouchers for their friends and family and send the cards through messages.

The PrestaShop Gift Card Module offers an easy to use interface that assists the clients with purchasing gift vouchers from your online store and the administrator to deal with all the gift voucher layouts and requests with no issue. How about we check all the advantages and key highlights of the module to sum things up.

Gift Cards in eBusiness

Here are a portion of the reasons that why gift vouchers are favored by the individuals,

A. Easiness of buying

Individuals for the most part incline toward ease as opposed to uniqueness in purchasing gift cards. In this way, when you have gift vouchers ready to move in your store or on your site, at that point you certainly acquire a chance of meriting each one of those esteemed gift card dollars.

B. Up-sell gift Certificates

On the off chance that gift vouchers are shown when clients are looking at different items, at that point they readily purchase those items alongside gift vouchers. This is an extraordinary illustration of upselling of gift vouchers.

C. PrestaShop Gift Card Module helps in bringing new customers.

An all around set gift voucher can convey two or three customers into your store, the provider alongside the recipient of the gift voucher. It is conceivable to give motivation for each gathering and inspire bring visits back. For instance, a sender on buying a gift voucher of 200$ gets an extra gift voucher of 10$ and the recipient on accepting the gift voucher will get a markdown on other store items. This technique can assist with bringing more clients.

D. PrestaShop Gift Card Module helps in building new relations.

With the PrestaShop Gift Card Module, you get the opportunity to communicate with great suppliers and recipients in an elective manner, with a few points. Beneficiaries will most likely look at your website to dispatch the gift voucher, confirm the amount, load the card, notice what’s retailed, see shop hours, and so on. Along these lines, the sender and recipient have a solid association with you as now they know about your website.

These are the advantages of beginning a gift voucher program in your store, yet now the inquiry emerges as to how we can get the most extreme favorable offers from the PrestaShop Gift Card Module.

Highlights of the PrestaShop Gift Card Addon:

1. With PrestaShop Gift Card Module, the store owner gets the choice to add a gift voucher button on different areas on your website including the header, footer, and at the left side of your website. The store admin can whenever enable or disable any of these catches from the back end of the module.

2. With the Knowband’s PrestaShop Gift Voucher Module, the storekeeper can make the same number of layouts as he needs from the admin interface.

3. With the PrestaShop Gift Card Module, you can view and check all the orders that are gotten through gift cards from the Gift Card Orders tab in the back end.

4. The store admin can likewise modify the substance of the notification email effectively from the back end of the module and this email can be further used for informing both the sender and the recipient with respect to the delivery status of their gift vouchers.

5. The Knowband’s PrestaShop Gift Card Module is anything but difficult to introduce and can be enabled or disabled whenever from the back office with a single click.

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