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A flexible business option with affordable startup expenses is provided by selling on internet marketplaces. Prime examples of reputable marketplaces are eBay and Amazon. Many of today’s most well-known and prosperous online merchants started small or at home, and they developed naturally inside an online marketplace before expanding into their own website. Getting consumers is one of the difficulties of starting any business. Larger online marketplaces provide retailers and merchants access to a huge client base, both current and future. However, it’s not as simple as it seems to run a marketplace with many merchants. The Prestashop Marketplace Addon by Knowband is useful in this situation. With the help of this module, company owners can easily set up and manage their operations on a marketplace platform. The level of simplicity provided by this module elevates multi-vendor administration. It makes it simple to handle the product catalog, orders, invoices, payments, etc.

Prestashop Marketplace Addon

What does the Prestashop Marketplace Addon do?

The tool that assists eCommerce marketers in transforming their business into a full-fledged marketplace is the Prestashop Multi-vendor Marketplace Plugin by Knowband. It takes the least amount of time to complete the full procedure. Start overseeing and controlling the Prestashop marketplace activity as well. As a result, you are now somewhat aware of the Prestashop Multi-seller Marketplace module’s purpose.

Prestashop Marketplace Addon benefits for Admin

Let us now take a look at the stunning features of the Prestashop Multi vendor Marketplace Module.

Highlights of the Prestashop Marketplace by Knowband

  • With the help of the Prestashop Marketplace Addon, the admin may simply monitor the activity of the vendor. The admin can do a lot more than just respond to requests (join the network, add items and categories, keep track of transactions, and more).
  • The admin can examine and amend the client evaluations and ratings.
  • With the Prestashop Marketplace Module, admins may easily earn commissions. Using the module, the administrator may regulate the global commission rate for the sellers. He also has the option of receiving a fixed or percentage-based income.
  • The Prestashop Multi vendor Marketplace Module’s backend allows the store administrator to simply manage rewards. From their dashboard, sellers can submit payment requests. Moreover, the admin has the choice of sending the reimbursement instantly or manually.
  • The Prestashop Mobile App is also compliant with Knowband’s Prestashop Multi-seller Marketplace module (Android and iOS).
  • The Prestashop Multi-vendor Marketplace Plugin makes it simple to manage and keep an eye on sellers.
  • Prestashop module makes the process of registering a vendor straightforward.
Prestashop Marketplace Addon benefits for seller
  • Prestashop marketplace addon gives store owners backend control over customer reviews and ratings of their products.
  • The plugin enables sellers to manage payment requests.
  • The admin may only manage the backend approval of categories and goods when merchants add things on their own.
  • More than 30 pre-made personalized email templates are adaptable as needed.
  • On the vendor profile page, additional custom fields have been added.
  • The shop manager can start a subscription-based company by using membership programs.
  • To enable social connections on the seller’s page, the Knowband marketplace gives sellers the option to insert Social URLs.
Prestashop Marketplace


So, here we are! This is all about the Prestashop marketplace addon you should know. In fact, if you want what’s in there for the sellers and customers, check out the Knowband store. Moreover, if you have any specific queries, let us know at

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