Develop A Feature-rich PrestaShop PWA Mobile App for eCommerce

In the current technological era, every eCommerce merchant should look for mobile apps for their online store. The majority of store owners want to build a mobile shopping app but either lack the knowledge or don’t want to invest more. The PrestaShop PWA Mobile App Maker is the best option to launch Progressive Web App for PrestaShop eCommerce Store. Additionally, the PWA Mobile App broadens the possibility for the store admin to improve sales and revenue. So in this blog, you’ll learn the reason why store admin should launch their PrestaShop Progressive Web App and how our solution can help in that. Let’s take a look at what PWA mobile app offers in general.

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1. White Label Apps And Home-Page Layout Builder –

The PrestaShop PWA App Builder allows the store admin to launch the shopping app under its own brand name, logo, banner, images, splash screen, etc. Additionally, the PrestaShop PWA App Maker has a simple feature-rich backend where store owners can design, create and save various homepage layouts. So, the home page layout consists of various pre-designed components that can be used in their designs. Any layout can be chosen for the PrestaShop PWA Mobile App home screen.

2. Easy Login With Checkout-

In the PWA mobile app, the store admin can provide social login (Facebook/Google) and email login and registration options. The PrestaShop PWA App Creator also helps customers to quickly check out from the shopping app. The users are encouraged to make more purchases because of the Progressive Web App handy checkout.

3. Multi-Currency and Multilingual App- 

This PrestaShop PWA Mobile App supports all eCommerce website languages including RTL scripts such as Arabic, Hebrew, Persian, etc. Similarly, the mobile app supports all the website currencies as well. 

4. All Payment and Shipping Methods Support –

The PrestaShop PWA Mobile App includes all payment and shipping options available on an eCommerce website. Moreover, the users can choose the desired payment and shipping options on the Progressive Web App and complete the purchase. 

5. Real Time Synchronization –

The PrestaShop PWA Mobile App Builder makes sure that the eCommerce mobile app remains fully synchronized with the PrestaShop website. So, any changes performed by the store admin in the eCommerce store will automatically get reflected on the Progressive Web App in real-time.

6. Unlimited  Push Notifications –

This PrestaShop Progressive Web App allows store owners to send unlimited push notifications to customers. So, the store admin can create the push notification template and send it manually or automatically to the PWA mobile app customers. Basic notifications (such as order completion, discounts, offers, updates, order status, and abandoned cart, etc.) will be sent automatically to the customers.

7. Offline Mode Accessibility –

The PrestaShop PWA App also works in a slow internet connection. If Progressive Web App visitors are disconnected or offline, they will still be able to browse the app and access preloaded pages. 

Conclusion –

The store owners can easily launch their own PWA for PrestaShop and utilize its benefits. Additionally, there’s no need for store owners to rely on coding language to make any changes to the PWA Mobile App. Hence, all the customization options are available in the module and relevant changes can be performed easily on the app. To know about it, send us an email at

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